AHHHH!!! funk at the grammys.

AHHHHHHHH!!! OH MY F*CKING GOD!!! Did anybody whatch the grammys??? I usally don’t like them at all but i just saw the coolest thing in the world on it. Earth wind and fire, outcast, goerge clinton and p-funk, and some new funk band (cool as shit), and samuel L. was anouncing them. OH MY GOD!!! i was amazing!!! :cry: i’m so happy to have seen that.

Oh if you didn’t see that you soooooo missed out.

P.S. if anyone knows the name of the funk band that had the steel guitar in it please tell me.

i saw some of the grammys, only thing i liked about it was their tribute to the beatles :content:

I didn’t watch, but my father, a huge beatles fan, said it was “Just a bunch of groups he’d never heard of before”. He was quite dissapointed what with the big 40th aniversary.

Ueah i didn’t like any of it but the funk part. It was so incredably cool. just to see goerge clinton p-funk, bootsy, earth wind and fire, what ever that new band was, and outcast all playing together, even samual L. was singing on stage with them. that was cool as shit. But yeah aside from that i didn’t like them either.
prince opened too and prince is cool as shit. so that was kinda cool. lol and he had to slow beonce down. she sped up the tempo and he had to bring her back. but shes hot so we can forgive her for that even though her music sucks and see can’t sing in time.

Damn, i cant believe i missed that!

Actually, I can believe it, cos I usually wouldn’t watch the Grammy’s unless I was looking for an excuse to shoot up my TV set, Elvis stylez.

But a funk jam with the P-Funk AND Outkast!! That alone is enough to make my heart break.

Damn, I said!!