AIM address in a dream

okay… so I was dreaming… blah blah blah…

Anyway, I was in my dream, just a normal dream, and there was a young guy there about my age and we were hanging out in this clothes store where he worked. Of course I kinda thought… “hey I should get his e-mail!” of course as soon as I thought this mom woke me up with clattering pots and cursing really loud from downstairs. This made me rather angry, but it helped a lot. I forced myself back into the dream… found the guy ( I think I had a really low level of lucidity… I knew I was dreaming but I didn’t have that wave of realization but I wonder if that has to do with forcing yourself into your dream, because the last time I did that I knew I was dreaming without the wave of realization. shruggs ) I was convincing him that he should give me his AIM and that he was dreaming. (I flew a few feet then fell, but told, "you get the point. ) Anyway, he wrote it on my hand and it was “Sing with me 5” (which sounds alarmingly similar to my own address which is “samE5” ) Anyway… I woke up and quickly added it to my buddy list. I’m doubt that they acctually exist, but it would be interesting if I collected peoples AIM addresses. I fI ever found a person that acctually existed it would be highly imteresting (not to mention a funny conversation to read.) Anyway, what are your thoughts?

That’s pretty cool… what would you say if it’s a real person? If it is an actual guy, you should post the chat log.

samE5: Hey!
Sing with me 5: who r u?
samE5: You were in my dream!


It’d be great though, interesting stuff to talk about. Next LD I have I should go ask somebody for a sn. :grin:

yeah, I don’t think the sn exists but, you know… someday it’ll show up and I’ll think “Hey! Who the heck is that?” I’m keeping an eye out though.

I agree with Wolf, it would be a pretty awkward conversation. Also there is the possability that someone on this forum registered the screen name just to mess with you.

If you do ever talk to anyone I’d be intrested in hearing their response, though.

yeah, I know thier name too, I didn’t post that though. So I think I’d know if they were messin with me. :slight_smile: that’d be kinda funny too though.

I thought about trying to register the screen name to see if someone had it already, but I started to think that was a bad idea. If it is a person’s real screen name, but he hasn’t made it yet, I’d hate to be the guy that registered the screen name before he could, you know?

I also checked on to see what kind of number it got, but it was 0. :sad:

I have a feeling it’s not a registered screen nam, but I’d keep it on your buddy list just in case!

I just hope noone here registers it as a joke. (assuming it’s not already registered)

I’d be very interested in whether anyone does use it.

yeah… it might also have been on another instant messaging program. I dunno.