Aks DCs the most important questions

Ask your DCs what comes after death, when will the world end, what is the secret to lucid dreaming, or to life, is there a god…
And those kinds of questions.

Today I had 4 lucid dreams and in one of them I asked a DC two important questions…unfortunately, I don’t remember the questions nor the answers.
But I remember one before tho.That was a recent quest…
I asked someone what comes after death and he answered :’‘Endless green pastures’’.

Offtopic: All 4 lucid dreams were induced spontaneously.I realized I was dreaming, just like that! It’s actually my most common way to get lucid.
But the last time I got lucid, I woke up, and there were 2 of my friends.

I looked at the clock and it was x(something): 30…Then someone said :’‘Let’s get up!’’.

I was like :’‘Why? It’s too early!’’
I looked at the clock again and it was x:50…
Then I was like: ‘‘Wait.How can it be x:50? Too soon…oh, wait, this is a dream.’’
But I really needed to wake up early, so I woke up deliberately.
I forced my eyes to open (it was hard tho).
And then I opened them and I was awake…But there were some vibrations and I was on the edge of falling asleep again.
I closed my eyes and the vibrations started to increase, so I started moving to wake up better.

And just when I woke up, it actually was the perfect time to wake up.

wow. Perfect timing, eh :tongue: