Alarm clock every 90 minute- Any experience with that?

I have read that it could be easier to remember the dreams if you have set your alarm clock to alarm every 90 minutes.
If anyone here have tried this over several weeks, I want to ask some questions:

-Do you write down your dreams every 90 minutes?

-Do you take breakes? (avoid setting the alarm clock to 90 minute cycles a night now and then).

-Are you tired during the day, because of waking up often by your alarm clock?


i can’t even bare to set my alarm to wake me up once per night…

i tried to a few days ago and turned it off before i went to sleep.

i guess it would help recall tremendously though… i definitely recall things best if i wake up a few times in the middle of a long dream segue.

Now I’ve gone lazy and I don’t do WBTB, but I used to set the alarm at +4.5h (3 stages) and then every 90 min, it worked pretty well for recall and MILDs.
I tried setting alarm every 90 min only one night, I remembered (well) 3 of 5 dreams. However, I don’t think it’s good to do it every night, it can have bad effect on you (cutting your REM, making you exhausted, and maybe other problems). You can train yourself to wake up after every dream (however it’s hard for some, for ex. me :smile: ) - this would be less “brutal”, more natural method.
It’s best to write dreams every time you wake, because after another period of sleep you can easily forget the details or even whole dream; however you can try just doing some quick notes and expand them later.

hmm, I tried a few weeks ago setting my watch to go off on a repeat timer every hour, because I couldn’t tell when I was going to go to sleep and hence whether the alarm would wake me from rem or not… (or even whether waking from rem or non-rem is better). I deliberately used my watch though because it’s not really loud enough to wake me up most of the time. I think it did help with recall to an extent, I kind of woke up a few times, but not really enough to fully wake up. In the middle of the night when I woke up I was remembering the odd dream and leaving it to write down till the morning… I think…

I only did it a couple of nights though so I don’t really know how well it worked. I wasn’t particulary tired in the morning, but doing it for a long time would probably have some bad effects.

Anyone here who have done that?
If you have any advice about how I can train myself to wake up after every dream, I would like to hear.


Someone adviced on this forum to use a MILD mantra “I will wake up after every dream”, but, as I said, it didn’t work well for me; however, I wasn’t trying much…

Just using the basic MILD method in Stephen Laberge’s book EWLD worked for me. Say to yourself as you fall asleep “i will wake up after every dream period and remember my dream”

It is part of my sleeping schedule to wake up in the middle of the night around 4 AM or so. Somtimes i wake up after about 2 or 3 hours of sleep. Weird.

In order to train yourself? I dont know, it worked the very first time i tried it and i was quite surprised.

I’m a big fan of waking up regularly throughout the night, but I think every 90 minutes would be just a tad excessive. The first few hours of sleep barely contain 30 minutes worth of REM, so I find it’s better to wake up initially after about 6 hours, then every 60 to 90 minutes from there. Some of the most prolific nights I’ve ever had (in terms of recall) have been those where I spend the second half of the morning drifting in and out of sleep, writing down a few notes each time.

I have to agree with Atheist on this. I don’t like alarm clocks either preferring instead to wake my self with a simple autosuggestion that, “I will wake after every dream”. Or something like that. You would be surprised at how well it works.

Also, as a general rule, you do not dream every ninety minutes throughout the night. Your first dream may not occur until you have slept for an hour and ½ however, as the night progresses you your REM periods become closer together and get longer. ( again this is as a general rule )

Good luck and happy dreaming

I do it involuntarily.

not every dream though, every normal dream.

I think I can potentially dream constantly minus perhaps delta sleep but those dreams are next to impossible to remember… NREM pointless stuff, or it might jsut consist of my mind wandering aimlessly.

One time I did remember it, and it was just me looking at this intersection, and going over directions of how to get to certain places… that’s all it was, it was hard to remember though, I woke up and was like “wait, what was that… was I thinking things?”