Alarm clock = Repulsion

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every morning, i have the displeasure to wake up to an alarm clock. not one of those nice ones that goes “beep beep” very softly. mine goes “BEEEEP BEEEEP BEEEEP” veeerryy loudly. its horrible and LOUD. along with the sound of the alarm clock, i often experience a feeling repulsion, like i have to throw up, often due to sleep deprovation. so thus, everytime i hear an alarm clock, wheather on TV, in a movie, or if my alarm accidentally goes off at 6 40 PM instead of AM, i get quiet sick to my stomach.

Alice&I :peek:

Whoa! Aversion therapy! I just did a report on that! :cool_laugh:

Well not sure how you can reverse the effect, cuz usually it is used to get rid of existing addictions… If you really want to feel better get a new alarm clock with a slightly diffrent beep, cant cost too much, can it?

Are you sure there’s not a hidden volume selector on it somewhere? I found out after about 2 months of using my new alarm that it had a tiny little 3-way switch underneath, which controlled the volume.

Also, why is deprivation even an issue? If you get to bed earlier, does the alarm still induce these feelings?

It probably does, seeing how she gets sick at 6:40 PM. I don’t really think theres much you can do at that point, cuz her brain has associated the sound of the noise with the sickness… I suppose you could teach it to associate with something else…

Set the alarm to go off a lot during the day, and when it rings, if you can, try to relax as much as possible, almost fall asleep… wait. No. Then you couldn’t wake up in the morning :grrr:

Just get a new alarm!

hahaha. deprovation is an issue cuz i NEVER get to bed early.

Alice&I :peek: (Punjabi sends her love)

I absoloutly dread getting up in the morning for work. My alarm isn’t too loud though. It’s just the radio turning on. But now everytime I manually turn it on my brain associates it with that horrible feeling of dread :no:

I just have this lil cheap alarm clock, like $5 at a cvs or whatever, the rings really annoying, but i figured out if i wrap it in bubble wrap, and just whip it across the room against the wall every morning when it goes off, i feel a lot better for the day to come.

Personaly I like a loud alarm clock as it forces me to get up even when I don’t want to. Usualy I place it acrosss my room so I have to go get it.

I dont do alarm clocks, :spinning: they’re against my religon :flower: