Alarm clocks that wake you up gradually

I’ve never had much success with techniques for inducing LDs before and I think all the other LDs I’ve had were ones where I hadn’t gone to sleep planning on having a LD. I can’t visualise things well and I either fall straight asleep or I can’t sleep at all which doesn’t help with WILDing. But I recently downloaded a really cool alarm clock program that lets you set multiple alarms of music playlists, and you can have them gradually increase the volume over a few minutes so it doesnt wake you up suddenly.

So I decided to make my own dreaming playlist to use with WBTB. It was quite long and I had to get up early so I only listened to a few tracks, while I read about lucid dreaming, then I attempted a WILD and failed miserably. But then I had a DILD about an hour later :smile: I sort of did autosuggestion and repeated “I am going to lucid dream” a few times which probably helped too.

Good for you! :grin: I’m glad you’re having sucess. I’ve been doing really good with it myself, I’ve had at least one every night for two weeks except one day. I’m just going to bed really tired and not trying to do anything but when I do realize I’m dreaming I do a whole bunch of reality checks and look for dreamsigns so I find them faster next time and I’m training myself to habitually look for them and it really helps. Yay you! :partying_face:

Hi confused,

Errr… Is this subject to move into the Lucidity Tools? Do you want to emphatize about your LD or about this free alarm clock?

Congrats on your success! :content: I tried using music when I first tried initiating my own lucid dreams–I didn’t know that there was a program like that :cool_laugh: Are there clocks with such programming or is it only on PC for download?

I didn’t know where to post it, but I thought it should it go here because its mostly about WBTB and I just wanted to share my success.

I’ve heard of alarm clocks that wake you up gradually, but they’re all really expensive :sad: