Alarm trouble for WBTB

Hello! I’ve started my DJ a week and a few days ago and I think my DR is good enough to start trying some LD techniques. I want to start with WBTB but I have a problem. I don’t live alone. There is other people in my house that can hear my alarm and I don’t want to awake them. Is there a way to get me up without alarm ? I’ve tried Auto-suggestion but it doesn’t work very well for me and I need practice.

Any tip or advice is welcome :content:

I use my cell phone alarm. I put it next to my bed, on silence. Like this it only vibrates. It’s enough to wake me, but I’m a light sleeper… :wink:

Drink 2-3 glasses of water before bed. Should wake you up within 4-5 hours because you have to pee so bad. Works for me!

If your alarm doesn’t have a “radio” setting, or something similar, the price of a radio alarm clock is very low.
You can then leave it just loud enough to wake yourself up, but let everyone else sleep.

For now you can use the cell phone that mattiasdavis suggested but you should really try to work on auto-suggestion, because the better you are at that, the easier MILD will come if you try and learn MILD.
The Luciddator

P.S. Auto-suggestion can come in handy, especially if you don’t like the rude awakening style that alarm clocks bring :smile:

Okay, thanks everyone for answering.

Yes, yes! agreed. I usually ‘jump’ awake with the alarm clock. :tongue: It’s great to wake up naturally (because of the auto-suggestion) just a few minutes before the alarm.

I originally used a cell phone, but now I wake up 1 min before my alarm every time. And its not the same time everyday, every day the alarm time varies.

MILD works so much easier with auto-suggestion WBTB. Believe me its a piece of cake if you have a pretty regular routine with auto-suggestion
The Luciddator

I also use a silent phone, but I put it in the pocket of my pyjamas so it vibrates against my leg, waking me up every time and without making the loud noise of a phone vibrating on a hard surface!