All at once

Well I just wanted to say I am trying all Wild lucid dream techniques tonight. That is Fild, Vild, Mild, Counting breath wild, both relaxation technique that 61 points and tensing muscles, music induce Ld, Zhine meditation, Darxide’s “will” technique and at last Sensation induce Ld. I think if these are good on their own combined together will make them ultra powerful. Well statistically speaking if they guarante 10% success chance each then their will be about 80-95% chance of this working. I know this will have serious problems, but it could possibly work.
Also if malac posts his method today(which is unlikely :peek: ) then I will include his.
I have created the best method ever. I bet your all hitting yourself and saying why didn’t I think of that :ack:

I don’t get it. How are you going to do such things at once ? Most of them makes you unable to use another techs. For example, in VILD you have to imagine a place, but you’d have also to repeat MILD mantra, remember to move finder (FILD), keep consciousness for WILD, Play music in your head for MuILD… It’s impossible ! If you are going to try out all of them one by one you need to wake up A LOT of times.

Well nothing is impossible.
Also because their done by different parts of your brain all you need to do is remeber to do it. Visualization, moving hands, verbal thinking, imagine music and counting breath plus relaxation techniques. It doesn’t seem that hard all you need is abit of concentration. Also what if the hardest technique is the most effective.

Well no I am going to try them all at the same time.

Well so you can’t visualize and count at the same time. What is saying I am dreaming and moving your fingers at the same time to hard. Even I find my last comment offensive :cry:

I just trought I understood it wrong way, thanks for correcting me.

There is diffrence between visualizing + couting and visualizing, counting, keeping consciouss, keeping moving finger, repeating mantra, breath counting, relaxing, tensing muscles, meditating, playing a musing, and checking sensation. Great if you can do it, but it seems to be a hard thing. Good luck, trough.

this might actually be a great technique or way of doing things!

WILD is all about keeping your mind awake while your body falls asleep, so if you do this you are putting your brai nin overdrive!! May it serve you well, Day!

That was my plan all along. I guess if a technique easy then your mind doesn’t have to work theirfore you get bored or loose consciousness, however if their is a impossible hard technique then your unlikely to loose consciousness. I was thinking what if all the techniques don’t matter and it is all up to your brain power to keep consciousness because buddhist monks discovered lucid dreaming first and they have something different to their brain because they used self awearness more. The sole problem is falling asleep as this is hard when you concentrate too much, however I am counting on loosing awearness of my body because I will be fixed on doing all the methods at once.

Oh yeah it looks like it will be impossible, however I tried without WBTB.

It might take a few tries to make it work. Firstly, it’s gonna be a chore to keep all those things in mind, wich will probably not be too good for relaxation. I suspect that if you can do it, it should be easier to do a simpler version.

Oh and, In EWLD LaBerge mentions that the techniques for tibetan dream yoga were introduced to them and it’s origins are suspected to be in Afghanistan. Something like that.

If you can do all those techniques at once, it’s great. But I think you should try them one by one(without WBTB), and after you will, you could try them all with WBTB…

well, did it work? how did your multi-tek go?