all day LDs?

I am going to do an experiment tonight, i am going to stay up until 12:00 midnight, then set my alarm to go off 2 hours later and go to sleep. I will then wake up at 2:00 and set my alarm to go off at 4:00. i will then go to sleep at 3:00, wake up at 4:00 and repeat setting my alarm 2 hrs later and going to sleep 1 hr before the alarm. i will do this the whole day untill 12:00 midnight. hopefully this will work like an all day WBTB and i will have (hopefully) at least one lucid dream!

I want you people reading this to (possibly) try this and give me feedback and suggestions on how this could or could not work please

That sounds excessive. I can’t imagine it being effective later on in the day because by then you won’t really be sleepy. I’m no expert yet, but if I were going to make a marathon attempt like that, I’d limit it to be from midnight to noon-ish. I’d be so bored trying to force myself to sleep through the afternoon/evening.

Gotta agree with Kimoka, this does seem excessive. I do not say that because of the effort it would take, but because of the fact of trying to keep yourself asleep for such long periods. I also think it is easier to LD the sleepier you are and the more strange you feel. From what you have said, it appears you will sleep at least 12 hours throughout the day, but take into account that even a 20 minute nap is going to give you 2 hours of energy. You are probably going to have to strain by the end to fall asleep again, but if you are set on doing so, good luck.