All the signs were there, yet I didnt clue in...Twice

For two nights in a row, I have had very vivid dreams, where there were clearly signs that I was dreaming, but I never thought twice about it.

I will recount what I can remember from my more vivid dream:

I was in a hospital. My mother was taking me there for some immunizations and blood work. Now, the only thing I hate more then needles pushing junk into my skin is needles taking stuff out. I would honestly faint from the thought of having blood work done.

So, I’m in this hospital (btw, the hospital has the same layout as my high school) and I am reading a yellow piece of paper that says that I am getting immunized for various illnesses, then I re-read it, and it says I’m having blood taken out. I’m walking to the blood lab, when I just think “Nothing is keeping me here, I don’t have to go through with this if I don’t want to…” so I just walk out the door next to me.

I walk into a pharmacy (only now I realized that I saw daylight outside the door, not another room, so this could not have been possible). For some reason, I am wearing hockey pants that are too small for me, and are really tight. I am looking for isopropanol alcohol for a ganja related experiment to get the THC out of my shake. I couldn’t find it there, so I walk out the door, and it is all of a sudden night time.

I see a rikity old house with a bunch of my friends around it, and my mind tells me that this is E’s house, so I hang out on the porch, and eventually go inside to jam with them (E plays base, M plays drums, me and A play guitar). The only thing is, it is not E’s house. I have been to E’s house and that is not it. Anyway, I go into the music room, and lying right there is what I can only call an “electric-drum-guitar”. It is kinda like a conga, but with a little electric switch, and strings that have nothing to do with the operation of the drum, not like a snare.

I cannot remember any more there.

I was reading, seeing impossible things, thinking things my waking life know is not true.

Have any of you experienced something similar, when you have all the clues that you are dreaming, but are completely oblivious?

Can anything help? Thanks…

I was doing th

I think just about all of my dreams are like that. They are all full of riduculous stuff that could not happen in real life, but I never give it a second thought while dreaming. Just last night I had a dream where raptors where chasing me around my house.

Thats happened to a bunch of us. Dont give up hope, those signs you saw were to little for you to really think about in your dream. Ive talked with people in my dream that i know are dead yet just couldnt realize in my dream. See for yourself to become lucid you need to have becoming lucid on your mind while your dreaming. In a dream anything imaginable will happen and since your dreaming, your mind doesnt realize it never happened or cant happen. The best way for me to get a lucid dream, even know ive havent had many is to do MILD every night. Letting the last thing on you mind before you goto sleep being that you will remember when your dreaming really does help. If it is truly the last thing on your mind then the chances of you seeing something in your dream and realizing its fake are much better since. Give it time and dont get disappointed.

Peace and hopefully next time :cool:

Yeah, MILD is awesome. At first it seemed really stupid to me, but it works wonders…

Last night in my dream I did my reality check (counting my fingers) over and over, and although I had 6 fingers on each hand I was adamant I was merely counting wrong and didn’t click I was dreaming. But counting my fingers has sort of worked in the past (for low level LDs) - perhaps it’s time to change my reality check?
I wouldn’t think much on the not noticing the signs though - it happens to everyone.