Almoas dreaming

Hio when I take naps after school do I after a while almost every time see the “dream world”. it is like I open my easy but I have then closed, and see clear as day… but this happen only some sec and when realise that I can see it disappear… I don’t know it could be HI but it feels like that I just for a sec stare in to the dream world, but the same time I realise this it go away :sad: Do any one have a tip for me?

You’re right zardos. That’s HI. Perhaps there is a trick for making them last more than few seconds and go into a LD through them ?

Yea, HI is one of my favourite methods too (not very productive so far, though). With full realization that they are dream pictures (or short scenes) i look at them (like by-stander), but haven’t been able to “jump into” them as active dream body, nor keep those scenes going long without awakening, yet. IMO the suggestion is to remain passive in those HI scenes, but i still need those scenes to prolong more than few seconds to probably manage to create enough context for my dream :neutral:

I love having HIs! If I could jump into them every single time they’d be my favorite method for LDs or at least remembering dreams. I’m pretty sure I managed to jump into one a while ago…/

It’s really hard to keep them for longer than a second. Just keep relaxed and don’t think anything (unless it’s a lucid dreaming mantra or something like that). I’m sure with enough practice they’ll stay longer.