Almost 5 months and not really a lucid dream...

I’m trying to achieve to lucid dream about 5 months. I couldn’t made it…
I had 4-5 lucid dream. But 2 of them was fake and other ones are wasn’t even level 1 (technically level 1). I just knew that they were dreams. I didn’t think anything, do anything, I did nothing. Just watched the plot of the dream and their longness was about 10-15 seconds.
My dream recall is not bad (I guess). I usually remember 2 dreams per night. Last week, it was 1 but in the vacations, it increases to 3 dreams per night. Sometimes I remember 4 dreams.

I combined WILD and WBTB, MILD and WBTB. I didn’t try them for 2 days and abandon them. I said 5 months. I tried them atleast 2 weeks per technique.
I’m keeping a dream journal.
I did a rc only once in a dream. And It has failed.
I won’t give up. But I’m just… Tired a bit. People achieves it in 1 month. I can’t do it.
Do you know what the problem is? :help:
And of course, sorry for my bad english. ( A classic :smile: )

So you are getting something. Do you know what method you were using when you got the partial successes? It would be worth giving those methods more time.

It took me nearly a year to get my first proper LD. :smile: Stick at it and I’m sure you’ll start getting them.

Thank you for answers :smile:

I don’t remember exactly. But I think one of them was WILD and one of them is MILD. But I’m already trying this techniques for 5 months :happy:. Thank you for advice again :smile:

Oh, it’s really long :meh:. So what happened then? Did you start to get lucid dreams oftenly?
Thank you for advice btw :smile:

I started keeping a Dream Journal in 2006 and adopted WBTB as my primary technique. Between 2006 and 2007, I had a handful of near LDs and signs of potential lucidity and then had the first proper one in 2008. It was a big journey but it’s so worth it. :smile:

Did you use RCs? Sometimes, I do my RC 2 times in 10 seconds and it’s really uncomfortable.

Yes. My primary goto RC is the pinched nose RC where you pinch your nose and try to breathe through it. When you’re dreaming, you find that your able to breathe through it which is usually strong enough to spark lucidity. I usually do the hand check beforehand.
Although the hand check AFAIK hasn’t made me lucid, it’s usually resulted in my awareness within a dream getting stronger which in turn makes the dream more vivid and recall of it generally better. Eventually, you may even get to the point where you occasionally become lucid without even doing an RC url=[/url]. This was done using WBTB so my awareness to begin with may have been pretty strong when the dream started.

Over the course of time, you may even find yourself doing these RC’s in an unplanned manner in a dream which could make yourself spontaneously lucid when you’re not expecting it. :smile:

Thank you. My RC is pinched nose too. As I said, I’m feeling uncomfortable when I overdo it(I don’t know if there is a word like this :happy: ). And sometimes it give pain to my heart. But I’ll continue to do the RCs.

Hey Arai, for my part, I had a few LDs before training it and before knowing what this was, but then nothing for some 6 years. Then in 2008, I heard about LDs in the radio and started a dream Journal. My next LD record is from 2010. I cannot say that I tried a lot in 2008, but it still took me some time as well, and now I do around 3-4 per month. so don t give up :wink:

Also, I just come out of a 6months time with almost no LDs, after that I talked to other Lucid dreamers and tried other techniques, maybe you can also try this one, it s the one which made me come back:

SSILD … start=0&po stdays=0&postorder=asc&vote=viewresult

I give you this tip, but at the same time, keep in mind that you should only try one technique at a time (it sounds like you do it already, but I just write it as a reminder :smile: )

Hey my friend, thank you for the advises. They are very important to me :smile:.
I will try SSILD :smile:.
And btw, I think I had 2 level 1 lucid dreams! :happy:

Hello Arai,

What has helped me in the past, after months of idle trying, was taking a ‘ld holiday’ :cool: .
Just let it go for some time, quit trying, give yourself a rest, use your nights to relax.

I read about it in the ld4all guide

Maybe this will work for you too

Good luck!

Thank you :smile:. I will try that if the situation doesn’t change.

Hi! :wink: It took me A LOT of time to have LD s too!

I started trying to have them just 6 years ago (2011), until I had my first one (I´ve had them all my life… but they were random & with a very low lucidity level, that was the first one made with intention) on 2014.

I mixed a bit of the ‘all day awareness’ method with meditation & reality checks~⭐

Being aware of your surroundings & starting to stop sometimes during your daily life to ask yourself “is everything all right? it’s happening something strange right now? what time/date it is? how did I end in this place or doing this task?” can make a woooorld of diference regarding your lucidity level while you’re dreaming!

I, too, had spontaneous lucid dreams for years. Which means not very many of them. I re-read Robert Waggoner’s book, Lucid Dreaming Gateway to the Inner Self in Feb of this year. I had my first on purpose lucid dream on March 20th.
I had my second on purpose lucid dream just 9 days ago on April 27th, in only 39 days rather than a year later. And even without lucidity the regular dreams are very vivid and I’m able to look back each morning, while writing them down, and see the opportunities that were present to become lucid.
One of the things I got clearly this time from re-reading Waggoner’s book is to stick with a technique for about a month to give it a fair chance. I used the hands method for the first one. Waking up & going back to sleep for the second one. I’m currently using Patricia Garfield’s simple “Tonight I will have a lucid dream” nightly because I like simplicity & I want to see how well it will work for me.
I also do reality checks throughout the day.
So hang in there. It is achievable but can take some focused work.

I have been off and on trying for a lucid myself and been unsuccessful so far.

Wow, another 3 months and still no lucid dream except 2 level 1 dreams 3 months ago…
I tried SSILD, subliminial, ld holiday, rausis technique and still no succes.
I just want to succes… I know I shouldn’t but I’m getting bored…

I’m still trying. I had 2 proper lucid dream. They were awesome :smile:. Looks like my lucid dreams are wavy. I was in golden age of my lucid dreams and now I can’t even remember my dreams properly. I hope my dreams and lucid dreams will come back.
Btw, I achieved with SSILD technique. Thank you so much Koal44 :smile:

I didn’t try that before, thank you! :smile:

Too all beginners: Never give up! Sooner or later the first LD will come. I took me nearly 2 Month to get my first real Ld and I know people who had their first LD after 5 Month of trying.
But watch out: If you want the LD too much, if you concentrate on it too much, its very difficult to get one.

Well It took me atleast 2 years for my first LD so 5 months doesn’t seem too bad :wink:

me too :grin: