Almost Becoming Lucid? Weirddd

I had a dream last night and the whole dream it seemed like i was trying to convince myself that it was a dream. I never was able to though. If you have ever seen Waking Life then you’ll know what im saying. It was like regular life, i had dinner with the family and regular stuff was happening but i couldn’t tell if it was a dream or not. Unfortunately i didn’t perform any RC so i never became lucid. Give me some tips on pushing myself a little harder to become lucid considering i was on the borderline.

RC’s are a good way… it took me some time to make the conexion between “am I dreaming?” and does a RC. Just remind yourself that RC’s are a good way to check, during the day. Eventually you’ll do it in a dream when you’re in doubt.

I don’t think I can help more, since one time I thought I was dreaming and did TWO RC’s and didn’t get lucid… So RC’s aren’t 100%… for me at least. :sad:

You could try doing something totally random like starting a food fight during dinner or shouting boggies. If nothing else it’s great fun. :smile:

Erm; I meant BOGIES Sorry. :eh: :gni:

Be patent. Write a DJ. Simple as that.