Almost! Gah!

I was having a weird dream, about being in my grandma’s house. There were tons of people there, I’d say about 100-200, and it was expanded with hallways and bigger rooms, and even a movie theater! Everyone was talking about a movie that I hadn’t seen, but everybody was making a excuses like, “Well, I almost saw it,” or “I saw it with my eyes closed.” Anyways, I got to see the movie in the theater that was attached to my grandma’s house. I actually saw the whole movie, in the dream! Of course, I don’t remember most if it, but it was about this rock golem thing. When I came out of the theater, I was tired, so I decided to sleep on the floor of my grandma’s living room. Now, since my friends were there, I said to myself, “Won’t they see me?” and at that moment, I became lucid! I said, “Wait a minute, it doesn’t matter, because this is a dream!”

And then my dad woke me up. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! It turns out he was just waking me to see some little fireworks we bought. -_-
But anyways, it’s cool, because I’m just going to try harder tomorrow. I actually tried MILD/WBTB before I slept (it took a while, because there was loud lightning outside and the sky was literally all orange :content: ) but I guess it (almost) paid off! :happy:

Hey that’s great to hear! :content: Sucks that your dad woke you, but at least you had a lucid moment at the end!

How typical to be woken up at that moment. But now you can remember for the next time what it feels like to be lucid :cool_laugh:

I was barely lucid at that point, as in I had no time to stabilize and only enough time to feel, ‘Sweet!’ before I was woken up. But both of my actual LD’s have been lucid from the start; No RC’s, just knowing, from the very beginning. It felt great, and not just the feeling of being able to do anything, but just that feeling of knowing, y’know? If that makes any sense. :smile:

That’s quite encouraging! Was it The Neverending Story movie/sequel?

The dream movie? I have no idea what The Neverending Story is. I think the movie was called Forest Friends. The part I can most remember is the golem guy strolling through a forest, whistling and he kinda had a bouncy step. Then, I think a wolf jumps out of nowhere and scares him. :content: Then two kids find him, a boy and a girl, and they take him home and put him in the garage. I can’t really remember what happens next, but I remember nothing really dreamlike or weird happened in the movie. Except for the credits. There were some really weird names. Now that I think about it, there were some dreamsigns in those credits! It was only one page, but: A few of the names were normal, and then they got weird, like Zhaagu or something. Then the dreamsigns were in the right colum, mixed in with some others! LD4all, Your Dream Here, and Reality Check were mixed in!

I can’t believe I forgot this, but I guess I’ll forgive myself for missing them. I only caught a glimpse of the credits, because when it was over, I immediately got up and left. And it was easy peasy to get out; there were only four rows of four chairs, and no stadium-style seating. You could see very well; Everything was white, including the floor chairs, and some walls. It was very well lit and most of the walls were glass, and so was the ceiling. And there were no doors to the theater, just no wall on on side. Amazing how much I remember of this, considering my DR is crap.

Maybe when I really am lucid, I’ll go see the movie again. Hey- that’s an idea! I’ll go the the Lucid Theater! :happy: