Almost got WILD

So I just attempted WILD for the first time and i feel like I got really close, but I just couldn’t see any of the “lights” that are supposed to be there :meh: so I got mad and stopped trying. What should I do?

Well, I hope you aren’t attempting WILD during your bedtime, that is the most difficult time. You should combine WILD with WBTB.

The lights you’re talking about, I assume you’re talking about the HI. Not everyone gets HI. I’m one of those who don’t really get them. Often times when I WILD, i just ‘appear’ within it. Or the Dreamscape would slowly fade into my vision. :razz: Another possibly is that you weren’t deep enough in sleep. I wouldn’t know, you have to elaborate on how you almost WILD.

I hope that cleared up some things. :content:
Good luck!

I tried to do it before I took a nap. I’m definitely going to combine with WBTB tonight. It felt like I was sitting there being numb and saying “1 I’m dreaming…2 I’m dreaming” and so on for what I later discovered was an hour and a half :eh:

Funny… I just posted in another topic in which someone had similar concerns, but with LDing in general.

You need to keep in mind that WILD is essentially the holy grail of LDing for those who don’t naturally LD: If you can perform it, it promises you a night long chance for an LD. The thing is, it’s not easy. I’ve only successfully WILD’d two, maybe three times compared to the number of times I’ve attempted it.

The only advice I can give is that you don’t give up belief. If you’re not successful one time, set it aside and try again later, but don’t let it discourage you. It’ll take practice, continuous practice (which is why I’ve only had three myself, I don’t practice enough, or so that’s my belief) before you can WILD easily.

Personally, I’m trying a different approach right now. Rather than trying to LD, I’m trying to remember as much dream detail as possible. I think that if I can improve my recall to great heights my chances of having an LD are likely to skyrocket.

Think about it: if you had an LD are you certain you would recall it when you awoke? I used to think that I’d always remember every LD I ever had because they were that cool. Well, one day while I was typing up a dream I suddenly realized something. Two or three days before that I had an LD… and I forgot about it.

Since then I’ve decided that recall should come first. Until I have improved my recall I will not attempt to have LDs consistently, because, for all I know, I am having them I just can’t recall them.

Sorry for the long Off Topic, but think about it this way: before you can start changing the world of your mind you have to set foot in it, right?

That is very true. I guess I’ll just try to find a good combination of the two.