Almost in a dream

Using WILD and my own meditation techniques I am able to relax completely and begin to “drift” as I call it. HI is very strong at this point as well as sounds. I watch a dream form in front of me and all of a sudden my body is extremely awake. It is the familiar pins and needles feeling. This is normal and I’m used to it, however, it has gotten so intense this past week that I almost get nauseous. Any advice on how to help this? I tried affirming that it is okay and to relax but it hasn’t worked yet.

So your problem is transition from waking world into dream world, yes?

Well I don’t have much experience with this kind of induction of WILD. I usually don’t experience “heavy” HH so I can’t really help you. But I can tell you what I have read. The most common advice is to try to interact with HH whether that is an image or a sound and by doing that you will “pull” yourself into a dream and reinforce the connection with the dream.

In my situation where I don’t experience HH, well at least not sounds and images only body sensations I rely on those. And when I feel vibrations and a feeling similar to this:

then I let myself fall asleep and I next thing I know I’m in a dream and I’m lucid!

Good luck though! :content:

I will try this method. Thanks.

I probably can’t give any better advice than dB_FTS :razz:

but I’m just curious about your meditation technique, if you feel like sharing :tongue: I’d try to meditate sometimes but can’t get much out of it, and it’s so hard to stick with it!! :cry:

I understand what you mean. It is just like any muscle. It takes training. I introduced myself to meditation years ago. I had a terrible experience with an entity and suffered psychic block for years. Till this year. Now I find myself in a constant meditative state. The simplest form of meditation is relaxing and addressing the fact that you are here and you are aware. This is inescapable. Find peace in it and the meditation will come.
The most important part of meditation is your breathing habits. I strongly suggest you practice breathing techniques before attempting to meditate deeply. I only say this to help you avoid frustration. The next most important part of meditating is that you do NOT try and block out thoughts. This will keep you from relaxing. Instead of trying to ignore the thought simply address it and let it pass. As with any other feeling.
There are so many different ways to meditate with so many different purposes! You have to try them out and find out which work for you. This is a meditation I made up for myself to aid in falling asleep.
You must be relaxed already for this technique.
In your minds eye picture yourself. Head to toe as best as you can. I start at the head and move down from there. With every inhale you take imagine being filled with relaxing energy. FEEL the energy. Now, with each exhale picture yourself fading away. Little by little with each exhale. This is very relaxing and if you are not careful you will fall asleep. This has happened to me each time lol :smile:.
Try this and let me know how it works for you! Meditative visualization can be difficult, but so is LD!
Good luck :wink:

I don’t try to block out thoughts, so that’s a good start :razz: I’ll google some breathing exercises and give it a try. thanks for the tips and sorry for going a bit off topic here… :rofl:

Ok, this night I experienced almost for the first time intense HS. And it was music, some kind of a jazz or blues and it was awesome. With some time listening to it the music started to fade then I “reached” for the music again so it wont fade and I even changed the song.

Honestly I can’t remember in which song I changed it but when I did that the actual dream started to form, it was very cool experience but for now I still prefer falling asleep consciously, it just seems easier and not so risky because when interfering with HH there is a chance for kicking yourself from this state…

I often experience HS but in the form of conversation. Sometimes I find myself listening to 3 or 4 different conversations at once. Recently I heard a teacher explaining some historical fact to a student. HS is a very strange phenomena. It is hand and hand with clairaudience.

I’m very pleased with such things or whenever I learn or experience new thing. In my opinion LD’ing is bottomless source for such things… You can always learn or experience something new…

I’m still not ready to believe that dreams or hypnagogia is something let’s call it “higher force” or that HS are almost like clairaudience. But I do change my believes accordingly to evidence… So if I prove myself or if somebody else proves my differently I will most definitely believe and I will stand corrected, I don’t see admitting that I was wrong as shame like some ppl do…

That’s a good thing :smile:.
However, if you analyze things too much you will overlook many things.
You need to believe before you can understand.

I respect that. But my philosophy is reverse: I need to understand to believe. But like I said I’m open for new and amazing things as long as they are not just empty words filled with promises and hidden agenda…

Lol your mind and heart have no hidden agenda. Trust them.
If something is amazing it is because you have made it so.

Now that is true! :beer: