Almost lucid??

Last night I had a dream I realised I was dreaming did an RC with my hand and it didnt work then I did a nose RC and it worked perfectly (felt really cool) so I tried to fly and all that I could manage was a small jump so I jumped around trying to fly for a bit then the dream ended.

was this a FLD or am I doing somthing wrong?

This is common.
Think of your lucidity as a level, you were at a low level of lucidity.
You thought you were dreaming ( level 1) did RC and realised you were dreaming ( level 2) but didn’t have full controll over you dream ( level 10).

I agree with motagota on this one, here are some topics that helped me in becoming lucid and maintaining lucidity:

[Prolonging Lucid Dreams)

No, it wasn’t an FLD at all, you knew you were dreaming :content:

Just look at the above links, they’ll help out quite a bit.