Read this if you can’t sign in with your old LD4all account

If you already had an account on the old forum (before March 17th 2020), you will need to request a new password once to be able to login.

If after reQuesting a new password you still can’t sign in, please read further:

If you can’t login please mail me at community[at] and explain your issue (read below what can be the issue)

1. You registered before june 2006 AND have changed your email or username after june 2006.

Solution: email me with your current username and i’ll delve up your account to fix this.

2. You had special characters in your username

During the move your username has been changed when

  • it had special characters in it like *
  • it had spaces (those are converted to _ )
  • it was shorter than 2 characters

Email me with your old LD4all username and I’ll let you know what it has changed into. You can always change it yourself again after you have been able to login (but never to the old name since this forum doesn’t accept spaces in usernames for example).

3. You can’t login and don’t know why

Solution: Email me with what you remember/know of your account (name, email etc) and we will take it from there.

Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding!