Almost There, But Not Quite!

I’ve been attempting to have an LD since late May, and I think I’m almost there. I haven’t had one yet, but I think I’m getting closer every night.

When I started, I was very obsessed with the idea, for about a week. I did a lot of RC 's, especially the one where you check your hands and watch. However, I never did them in my dreams, in fact, I didn’t even remember any dreams for about three or four days, since my initial DR was at 0! :eek:

Eventually, I had responsibilities to do IRL, and I put away my DJ and focused on other things for almost a month. After I put it away, oddly enough, my DR shot up into the roof! I remember 4 dreams one night, and one or two for almost a month! :grin:

Now I’m getting much more interested in it, and I think I’ll become lucid very, very soon! I still don’t have any obvious DS 's, and when I do see something out of the ordinary, or do a RC… well, I think this emote explains it pretty well: :ding:

I attempted a WBTB method one night, and absolutely hated it. I remember not a single dream that night, and disrupted my sleep cycle. I’ve been attempting WILD 's on and off since I started, but still no luck. I’ve just been trying to keep it in my mind, and stay relaxed, yet focused when I fall to sleep. :om:

Last night, I dreamed I went to sleep in my dream, and then had a short, low-lucid dream in that dream, then I woke up. I think this is a sign that I’m getting close! I’m still not keeping a DJ, but I remember all my dreams without it. :happy: Anyways, thanks for reading my long post, I’d love some feedback or comments! :happy:

Keep it up! You’re so close!

Yay~ I thought so myself. :happy:

You’ll be LDing in no time! :happy:

I’m glad to se that you didn’t give up. :smile: