almost there....? dreaming i'm dreaming and trying to ld

well last night i remember a dream where i “wake” up and say to myself, alright i’m going to try and have that same dream and then realize i’m dreaming. next, my dream self starts dreaming about a dream and i keep trying to realize i’m dreaming but i dont. is this a good sign? am i close?

That EXACT same thing happened to me! I also had a dream that I was having a lucid dream(i wasn’t really lucid though), and that i was reading stuff about lucid dreams. After these dreams, I finally had one! So I think you are very close! Keep trying :cheesy:

Don’t ever give up! You’re really close! I promise! Yes, those things have happened to me before as well, you’re not alone. You can do it, just don’t give up!

Good luck!

This is exactly the kind of dream I had one night and told my fiance and he said to me “that probably means your closer & gonna have a lucid dream soon”

The next week or so it happened!! I finally had my first one!!
It was sooooo exciting! but a phonecall cut my dream short right after I started exploring! :grrr:

Turn your p[hone ringers off…hehe :wink: