Almost there!

Is anyone else having this problem?:

I feel now that my dreams have the potential to become Lucid, but I juat never realize I’m in a dream.

I’m trying to train myself to do reality checks subconsciously, but so far it isn’t working. Anyone else have any tips for me? This is really frustrating.

P.S.- I have started a dream journal and can remember my dreams pretty well even without it. Don’t know if this changes things.

There isn’t much you can actually do at this point. You just do whatever you are doing because it seems that it’s working and no do not drop DJ. Keep it no matter how insignificant it might seem.

Try implementing a critical question in your daily routine, whether when something odd happens or when you remember to question it. The critical question can by any question that pushes you to question your reality, your surroundings, people and places around you. This “question” usually contains number of “small” questions. What I ask myself firstly is where am I?!

Something like this: Where am I? How did I came here?!

This 2 questions do not change depending on the situation. Those questions I ask myself always no matter what. After that if you are having ppl around you you ask yourself who are those ppl, do I know this ppl, did I came to them or they to me.

Then: why am I here, why am I in this room and so on and on. This can be done very quickly or thoroughly. It also depend on the situation. Giving yourself thorough answers will certainly give you more chance but sometimes just quick interrogation of yourself will do the trick.

Good luck! :content:

Thanks! I’ll try it!