Almost too scared to reality-check?

Here’s a weird problem: Every few days, it seems I have a dream where I almost completely realize I’m dreaming, but don’t want to reality check. I sometimes think “Wow, this is weird, maybe I’m dreaming? I’ll RC. . . . NO WAIT! If I try that now, the dream will just collapse on me!” So I don’t try it. But what’s weird is, the problem makes no logical sense, seeing as how I don’t really recognize it’s a dream.

. . . Eh, I’m not sure anyone would have a solution to this problem. I guess I just felt like posting it. Geez, I need a nap.

we can think illogically in dream as the forebrain is down, just do more RC irl and it will become a habit that you don’t have to think about to do in dreams

If they become a subconscious habit that you do without thinking about it, they’re likely to not work. Usually when I’ve done them that way, I’ve just shrugged off the results with a thought like “Oh, that’s weird,” and not actually become lucid. (I mostly agree with what this post has to say about reality checks. I think they’re overrated. :wink:)

BlueGecko, if I were having this problem, I would tell myself something like, “If I have the thought that if I RC, the dream will collapse, it means I’m dreaming, and I will remember to realize I’m dreaming.” It would also help to imagine that happening.

Good luck with this. :smile:

Wow, thank you guys! Yeah, when I RC, I tend to pinch my nose, and try to exhale so hard that I inexplicably inflate like some sort of weird frog, but I don’t really think about why I’m doing 82.4% of the time. Awesome post, I’m glad you linked to it! Actually, that’s kind of a lot like how I think of a lot of LDing type stuff, but my brain was kind of reluctant to see it that way, since no-one else (before now) seemed to be saying that that’s how it worked.

I’ll never forget my first successful (or failed?) RC, though. “Wow, this is a weird game. It sort of reminds me of a dreeeeeee – hey wait a minute! I should RC. pinches nose Hm, that’s weird. It doesn’t feel like it normally does when I try to breathe through my nose when my fingers are pinched over it. One more time. RC’s again Hey, maybe I actually AM dreaming! I should check ooooone more time, though. once more Aw shoot, I think I over-did it.” wakes up Good times, good times. . . . :content: