Almost WILDed!!!

Hey everyone,

Whee i almost WILD ed today, but chickend out in the final stage of it :sad:.

Anyway it all began in a dream of mine. I was falling asleep in my dream and after i closed my eyes, i kinda waked-up but then fall asleep again (was very strange).

But I felt really relaxed which made me decide to do a WILD (which i abondoned after some nasty experiences), and started waiting for HI. Anyway i didnt see any HI, but i did hear sounds like something buzzing(it was like BZZzzZzuuuhh), which stopped after a while.
After this i felt strong vibrations and after that i had this sensation of floating into the air and turning upside down.
Then i felt like i was somewhat begin pulled out of my body,

This disappeared though, and then i could feel like i was flying very fast forward and i saw a very bright light up ahead.

In this fase i got scared that I was having a OOBE and i tried to open my eyes. (This was very difficult though, as i also coudlnt move. My body was totally paralyzed.) The sounds i heard were also quite scary to hear them for the first time.

Aarrgh damnit, if i only continued a little more maybe i would have a LD. This night i’ll try again :happy:

Anyway i think that this was a WILD right? Or was it a OOBE?

It sounds more like you had an OOBE to me, or at least the very beginnings of one.

I have WILDed a few times now and what you described is nothing like what I experienced.