A couple nights ago I had a dream where I was playing cards, but the cards had strange floating/changing symbols that almost looked like letters. When I noticed the wierd changing symbols I stared at them for the rest of the whole dream, but nothing ever came from it. Its like I was trying hard to realize what was wrong but couldnt quite figure it out. Has anything like this happened to anyone else?

Almost every night, it’s really annoying. You realise that something is wrong and just fixate on it, but never realise what it is till you wake up, I hope it’ll turn into more soon.

That’s the first step. It may seem like a small thing that doesn’t lead to anything, but how can you become lucid if you don’t question your reality? and how can you question your reality if you don’t find something is weird (besides randomly)? Try to do a serious RC whenever you experience something strange IWL, you’re getting close! :smile: