Aloe Vera drink

Aloe Vera
I discovered this drink last year around the end of the year and I really like it

I bought one this Monday because I felt like having some. I drank it around 6. (not all of it)
And that night I lucid dreamed, I experimented with it maybe 3 times because I recall seeing that any pure fruit juice would help induce lucid dreams. So it indeed worked :grin:
If anyone else tries this lemme know
Not sure if it’ll work for everyone, maybe it will.
Because a friend of mine said she tried it and it didn’t work…
But the again she doesn’t really follow the steps to lucid dreaming so maybe that’s it :meh:
well, hope this works for everyone else :smile:

Hey Ara,

it is always very easy (and usually very wrong) to conclude from single (or few) occurances of something to generality.

Let me show you an example: In this forum thread someone tells about his top 5 foods for becoming lucid. Popcorn is on place 4.

Before having my first lucid dream, I was at (or in? sorry, my english) cinema, and yes, ate lots of popcorn. Whoa, that works, er?

My second lucid dream (only few seconds, but very clear) came without popcorn. But I watched a movie on blu ray before. So, maybe high-def movies are making us lucid? Sounds plausible, even the popcorn thing, as ppl usually eat popcorn when watching movies.

But something else also fits. In this thread someone talks about the need to go to toilet while asleep, which made him lucid. And yes, for both of my dreams this fits. At that point I start thinking about late night aloe drinks. :wink:

So, what does make me (or you or other people) lucid? Popcorn? Hidef-Movies? Avoiding to go to the WC before going to bed?

All this might be right or wrong. The thing is, we cannot determine it without having at least 100 persons who eat popcorn every night, and other 100 who eat placebo-popcorn :grin: as control group, and calculating nasty dream statistics after one delicious month of testing.

I’d be volunteer for the popcorn group, if anyone wants to make that experiment. But for aloe-drinks, I’d rather take the control group… :grin:

:grin: Yes, I want to see a test of this!

Yeah, I knew that. And now I see there is still another conclusion:

Every time I watch videos, I need to go to toilet at night. Strange, but obviously true.

Most certainly it has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that I like to drink a beer or two when watching videos. Err… Is beer making me lucid? VOLUNTEEER!!! :woo: :woo: :woo:

i know alchohol will have negative effects on dreaming, it will make you not have REM. But the good thing is the next time you sleep your body tries to play catchup and puts you right into REM. As for the aloe drink it is very possible it helps induce LDs but i dont think we will ever find a sure fire consumable that will induce LDs 100%. But testing it with a couple groups of people seems like a good way to gain some gage of its effectivness.

Y4ZT, I do fully agree with all you said. Indeed it would be very exciting to find out in which way food influences our sleep and dreams. But I think it will be difficult to move from opinions and belief to empiricism here.

yeah you have a point
i guess more people should try it then

To DaConceit:

The difference between Aloe Vera and popcorn is that because in theory Aloe Vera should work, because it contains following things which are proved/being suspected to induce lucid or vivid dreams; Vitamins B6 and B12, zinc, magnesium and potassium.
Simple googling will lead you to this. And all of the compounds in Aloe Vera work togather, producing atleast some vivid dreams at high doses. So please, DaConceit, don’t troll something if you haven’t atleast done your own little research about.

I’ll try this while WBTB’ing the next time I get my hands on some Aloe Vera drinks, and I’ll make a response here.

To Ara13, a truly nice find. Thank you so much.

Hy Beatdoctor. That wasn’t meant as “trolling”, just as “needs further investigation”. I still think that e.g. watching movies may also cause lucid dreams. I clearly stated that it is hard to determine, if something particularly makes lucid or not, which simply has to do with correlations (watching movie->popcorn, aloe-vera drink->toilet) and statistic probabilties of single or few probes.

So pls dont call me troll. Maybe this sounded alike, because I was kidding around a little bit at the end of my post.


I apologize to you that I called you a troll, but like I said, mocking something that you don’t know for sure is just not nice.
I’ve just explained it to you by the scientific side, and still nothing?
And it isn’t toilet that was making Ara lucid. 1 bottle can’t make you go to the toilet that much (you must really have to pee to be lucid, and you have to concentrate on peeing before bed so you dream it and realize that you’re dreaming). From your logic, beer would make you really lucid. Sadly, not all drunks are lucid dreamers.
Like I said, there is a great number of compounds that would make you lucid in Aloe Vera. And its not just H2O.

Hey cool down, no one threw a stone in direction of Aloe Vera drinks or Ara13. Maybe you misunderstood what I posted or maybe I didn’t express in a clear way (sorry, not a native speaker). Pls. read my posts again and show me where I said something negative about Aloe Vera drinks. At the moment you are the only one mocking or trolling.

Thanks for your response :content: , I actually got my hands on some yesterday [they sell it at 99 cents stores now xD] and so I really wanted to try it again.
After I ran out of th Aloe Vera last week, I hadn’t lucid dreamed at all :meh:
But Yesterday I tried it again with the Aloe Vera, and I Lucid dreamed yet again, i looked in a mirror and realized I was LD, it began to get blurry so i said “Clarity” and it got clear. and it was vivid too

Ohh that would be great :happy: thanks ^-^
I drink it a couple of hours before I go to sleep :cheesy:

Hey no problem, I hope it works :smile:

I sometimes drink aloe vera, but for me personally it never has much of an effect on dreaming. In my opinion, all these “lucid food” effects come from the fact that you’re expecting to have a lucid dream because of something, so you will, so its basically a more advanced version of MILD.

I really don’t think it truely works… but then again I’m usually wrong :grin:

Yet again, another lucid food topic :tongue: . I think about all foods can help you induce lucid dreams, but it all depends on the amount you consume as well as the vitamins and minerals it contains. The aloe plant is a great healing agent so I guess there isn’t any harm in trying, plus it’s a very soothing drink that would help people sleep better. There are tons of asian stores around where I live, I think I’ll get some next time I head by.

Oh, and nice JaeJoong avatar :content: .

Do I hear my name? Aww, I guess not… Anyway.

I miss Aloe Vera drink… tasty stuff. Would love to see if it helped LDs or not but unfortunately haven’t had any in years. Hope I get to try sometime though. Yummy!