Alone in a dream?

It seems like there’s always one or several DC’s in my dreams. So i would like to know how it’s like for everyone else. DC’s seems to be the only reliabe dream sign i have. The only dreams where i seem to be alone is FA, but that might be because they are very short.

So the question is, have you ever been completely alone in a dream?

I often have dreams in which I’m completely alone, also LDs. Usually I search for DCs then and they always show up somewhere. Luckily you don’t need DCs to dream wonderful LDs :smile:

In about half of my LD’s I am alone. Usually it is ones where I FA and then go outside my house into my neighborhood or someplace I wish before opening the front door. Most times in these dreams nobody is around.

Anyway, this is good for me because DC’s often distract me and make it harder for me to maintain lucidity - the normal dream context is trying to gain control over the lucid dream context (from Laberge et al paper). After reading that paper and after several LD’s that quickly faded into non LD’s when I got too involved with dream characters or the environment I planned to seek out quiet places to try and explore my senses in the dream and increase my level of lucidity. This is hard to do when DC’s are around, so it is nice when their not. If I want to find some I usually just walk into a house or building - they are often there.

Really, you are completely alone in every dream. (Unless you believe you can link up with another person’s dream. ) Perceive your dream as you please.

My DILD’s almost always have people, but my WILD’s almost always don’t. This is because I sleep alone in a room, which is where my WILD’s start out. But then I may move to an area with people.

I usually have dreams with DC’s and dreams without. DOesn’t really matter one way or another to me.

I just got into lucid dreaming about a month ago and have always thought that it would be scary to be completely alone in your dreams.

for me my dream charecters are not actually ‘charecters’, there actually people i know, close friends or close relations that i see everyday.

in my dream I would say to myself “ohh theres my friend” then i have no chance to question reality because it seems very normal.

Thanks :ok:

I usually have friends in my dreams also, but there’s also alot of people that i have never seen before or people from movies. I wonder if my brain just makes up the people that i haven’t seen before or if i have seen them before but just forgotten about it.

I’m usually alone in my LD’s. Sometimes my parents appear as I live in the same house. I try to avoid them though as it stops my concentration while lucid. If it’s low level I sometimes get paranoid that they can see my sleeping body wandering around the house in RL

i’m usually alone unless i try to bring someone into the dream… but every once in a while my dreams abundant with dcs

I’m alone in most of my LD’s. I like to fly around and blow stuff up so I don’t usually miss them, but it would be nice to talk to some DC’s once ina while. Then I summon DC’s to have sex with, but they don’t do much, except have sex with me.

Funny side-note: I’ve never waken up from dream sex, and I’ve never climaxed IRL while asleep, though I usually climax in LD’s.

I don’t get woken up by having dream sex ^^. Then again, i’ve never done it in a LD…