Alternate Universe Experience?

I am no stranger to Lucid Dreaming, when I experience one, its an amazing ride. I know the signs, and if I try hard enough, I know I can get there. I’ve even had, what I believe to be, an Out of Body experience at least once in my life, an experience so vivid that it cannot be matched…until now.

This evening I fell asleep watching tv. A usual routine of my after work activities. The dream started as normal. I was in a doctors office, I remember it clearly, the sounds of papers printing, heels walking against the hard floor outside, and me, or what I believed to be me, waiting in line. I could see it all vividly, and as I sat down, the doctor begin wrapping my arm in tightly wound tape. This is the only discrepancy I noticed in the dream. I couldn’t tell whether I was getting a flu shot, or donating blood. Either way, the doctor looked at me for a moment before getting within inches of my arm. This is where it got weird…

Everything around me came to a halt. Frozen where it stood. The needle pressing slightly against my arm but not yet puncturing the skin. I couldn’t move. Suddenly my viewpoint changed. I was no longer in a first person view staring at my arm as before, I was now standing behind myself, watching my frozen self sitting waiting anxiously, and likely nervously for my injection.

I almost felt like walking up to myself in wonder at it all, when suddenly the me that I was staring at from behind quickly turned its head towards me, looking shocked and confused. I immediately woke up in my bed, for what I remember to be about a split second, and then when I closed my eyes, I was immediately back in the doctors office, yet now I was back in first person, and the scene was moving again, only this time, I wasn’t in control, I could only sit back and listen to it all. I heard someone screaming “how can I be in two places at once!? I saw him! I saw me!” I kept trying to figure out who was saying it before I looked down and saw that it was my lips moving and my voice saying it. The me I was looking through began to jump out of the chair and scream out that he had seen somewhere different for a split second. That he woke up in someone else’s bed and had no idea where he was. People looked at him as though he were insane but something about the sincerity of his voice made me fixated on what he had to say. As he ran out the door, I heard him call out to me, or at least that’s what I believe he was doing. He was demanding answers, and no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t speak to give him what he wanted.

Then I awoke.

I laid in bed confused and creeped out. I’ve had lucid dreams in the past, but I was able to control them, however I wished. But this dream, it was almost as though my dream “me” was becoming self aware, able to detect my presence, and was so affected by it that it believed it had gone somewhere else.

Could this be some form of visiting an alternate universe? Did I see an alternate me? If I did, could he still be out there believing that he too met his alternate self? Could this alternate me have woken up in my room for that half second that I did, only to return back to his universe freaked out at the occurrence?

Maybe I’m crazy, maybe this was some weird lucid dream, but its left a lasting effect on me…

nah you dont sound crazy, very interesting experience
i dont have alot to say on this, i swear false awakenings are an Alternate Universe, i woken up in beds that are not my own even sometimes sleeping beside someone else :razz:, you may of been experiencing the dream world from multiple view points, thats just my guess though, you exprienced looking through the doctors eyes didnt you?