Alternative Method

I’ve not had an LD yet but I just thought up a method. You lot proably thought of it before but anyway, you know how if you listen to music as you fall asleep you usually have that tune in your head the next day or in the morning. So what if you recorded your voice tellin yourself you were in a dream and listened to that as yuo fell asleep. You could space out each phrase by a couple of minutes so that it wouldn’t get too annoying. :smile: What do you think??

Check the “Tools for Lucidity” section. I think there’s a song that does something like this, and it’s stickied. :wink:

I, personally, haven’t had success with this. Maybe because the track wasn’t loud enough…

I’ve heard of others having success with this, and I remember reading an account that the annoying voice kept playing in their head even after being lucid…

Yeah, that’s kind of put me off. Well thanks, because I’m the kind of person that couldn’t cope with that kind of thing. I would actually go crazy :tongue:

It doesn’t need to be very loud, your ears get more sensitive while asleep.

Mm. That doesn’t make much sense to me (although I won’t argue with experience, if you’ve had it), because I thought that almost all outside forces are ignored (i.e. audio and visual senses, which is why people can sleep with the TV on, or when someone opens their eyelids).

The only times it’s worked for me was when it was almost full blast, and then, it was overbearing, and I became deaf in my dreams.