Always fall asleep during WILD

I usually go to sleep around 12ish. Unfortunately, I never stay awake through a WILD. If I use the counting or stairway method, I still fall asleep.

Does anyone know anything that’d work? Going to sleep earlier?

Are you trying to WILD as soon as you go to bed? If so, it is unlikely to work as you will not be entering dream sleep. Try waking yourself up at about 4.30 or 6.00am, do a bit of WBTB and then try and WILD.

I’ve tried WBTB, but I’m extremely hard to wake up :-\

alarm clock is the easiest way though myself am lucky enough that my biological clock automaticaly conforms to the WBTB type deal :content:

I can relate, Ayen. So far, WILD technique has been fruitless - for much the same reasons you conveyed. Though, I’ve only been attempting it for a little more than a week… Maybe two. I’ve lost track…

And, unless I’ve relentlessly focus my mind on an intent, I’ll almost never wake up to perform WBTB method - one would think LD to be intent enough… Apparently not.

(I also detest the advice of “an alarm clock works well”… Not everyone has access to such things. When I’m attempting lucid dreaming, I prefer to go with the techniques that require the least amount of props; i.e. none. The biological “clock”, however, is something everyone possesses - even if it may require a bit of sharpening. It may be even more reliable than a mechanical device…)

Well now… any helpful advice? I’d say a multitude of remaining techniques are still available. DILD; although, this is the method with the most “shock-factor”, in my opinion. All of a sudden - you’re aware! That can diminish the dream very fast, but it also gives rise to DEILD. But, DILD is lazy. Nonchalant. Devious even. It saunters along when it feels like it and is nearly impossible to predict. I believe that if one keeps a regular DJ, however, that a pattern may be able to be confirmed.

MILD is… weird. Fall asleep with the intent of recognizing the dreamscape. Yes, simple enough. But read the “fine print” and you realize there is possibility for much preparation; occasional reality checks integrated within your daily routine, wrote memorization, keen analysis of DJ entries… I would think, one of two things could occur from this: 1) One becomes lucid from diligence of exercise, or 2) One completely misses the dreamscape because of daily rituals mimicked within the dreams themselves. Reality checks can be performed in dreams. Nobody ever said they had to work. I cannot say much here with validity, though. I’ve yet to try MILD technique.

My suggestion? Continue with WILD and WBTB techniques whenever the opportunity arises. I’m also going to assume you keep a regular DJ. VILD might not be a bad method to try in this case. CALD seems to be the latest technique. Of course, this is just my opinion, from personal experience. I believe one of the first steps to lucidity is discovering an exclusive technique. So experiment, and if you have not yet, see this topic. It looks helpful. That’s all I really have to say, at the moment…

While I may not have the experience of a successful WILD, it’s helped me to visualize the excersize in the book Stephen Laberge? was it? I’m not sure… but you imagina yourself on a beach, with a wave of water sweeping in and away from you as you breath, in when you breath, out when you exhale. You do counting, writing the number in the sand as you exhale, and the number being wiped away as you exhale…

Maybe going to sleep earlier will help if you really really want to avoi the waking up/going back to sleep… I can’t, because I tend to not wake up enough for me to focus on WBTB!