Always Sleep When Trying WILD

Whenever I try WILD, I stay awake for 1h or 2 and just give up because I don’t want to lose sleep. How do I prevent that?

I usually take more time to sleep than normal, by the way. I know that because I’m always the last one moving in bed when I sleep with friends. Still, 1-2h is too much, almost torture sometimes.

If it takes you a while to fall asleep (like me), I really would not recommend using WILD right as you go to sleep. Instead, sleep about 4-6 hours first. I usually set an alarm, wake up from the alarm, and go right into WILD. It’s way easier for me to fall asleep that way. It did take a while to learn the balance between staying aware enough for WILD and accidentally waking myself up too much or just falling asleep. Experiment for a while. See what works for you.