Always sleeping?

Ever since I moved to my new house (it’s in the same neighborhood and all), I’m like always asleep. Basically I’m only up when I’m on this forum. We’ve been here like a week, week and a half now, but it feels much shorter than that.

Any ideas on this? I’m always tired now for some reason.

This is just a hunch but maybe it’s this: adjust the light levels in your house, if light levels are lowered the release of Melatonin is stimulated. More light should cause a decrease of Melatonin release. Melatonin plays an important role in your sleep-wake rhythm. (Light as in open some curtains, not “turn on a light in your room” since artificial lights don’t have nearly the ammount of lux the sun has). Also make sure to check if your nutritional habits have changed, or: have you changed to a new bed? These might all be possible causes to this sleeping problem.

Well, being tired and fatigued all the time is sometimes associated with an illness… Just saying if you’re not feeling sick or anything get checked out at the doctor.

I’ve got the same bed, and I have the same exposure to sunlight. My room has less sunlight than my old one did, but I’m only down there to sleep (it’s weird. I’m down there almost all day and night, but I feel like I’m never down there because when I’m down there I’m always sleeping :sad:) When we moved, I was up for almost 26 hours before I get to go to sleep again, but I don’t know if that’s related because I had to stay up 36 hours sometimes during school and I didn’t seem to have any problems from that.

I’m never going to a doctor again. They are a waste of money. They always say nothing is wrong, when clearly there is if I’m having complications. :meh:

Like the last time I went, I was experiencing stomach pains, headaches every day for a long time, nausea, etc. and they just said “eat right” PFT!!! There was nothing wrong with my diet. I don’t even eat junk food often and I don’t really starve myself either. I drank water a lot at the time, too. (don’t no more as it makes me sick).

I’ll just give it another week or so.

Edit: Sorry for the double-post. I didn’t see ilovelucid’s post until after I made the other one.