Always waking from dream

It seems when I’m doing WBTB/WILD I always seem to wake up from a dream when my alarm goes off. Do you guys get this too?

Do you mean you wake up from falling asleep just before you start to dream? Or do you mean your alarm wakes you from sleep and you cant dream? Do you mean you wake up after a successfully induced WILD or is it a DEILD?

Sorry I should’ve made myself more clear, I meant that when my alarm goes off from WILD/WBTB, it wakes from a dream almost always.

I recommend simply setting the alarm a little later then. A although if it’s at the end of a dream anyway, then I think the timing is good?


I presume it’s a good thing, I didn’t mean it in a bad manner either, just wanted to see if it happens to anyone else :smile:

Get to know your sleeping phases and rythms. If you have developed an intuition for that this wont be an issue. There are graphs online visualising when you generally dream and when you dont during your 8 hour example homo sapiens sleep pattern. Remember that you are you, thankfully for you, not for the other dude, maybe, and you are definitly different from that other dude - or if you are that other dude then I ment to say you(actual) are not you(implied standard)

I mean to say develop your intuition, an alarm clock is unnatural and akin to peeing in the upper bed to mark it as your own [Edit:] So at least try an make the wbtb pattern match with your individualised dream forecast and try autosuggestion [in conjunction with an alarm clock]

Currently, I don’t use alarm for WBTB. I always wake up around 4:00 am. It’s just a matter of habit.