Am I awake or what?

I’ve been having problems with this Lucid Dreaming stuff for a while now, but now that I think about it, I could have been in control of my dreams for the longest time! My question: Is it possible to believe you’re awake when you’re in fact dreaming?

This happens to me all the time just before I wake up, or on car rides where I’m tired. I feel that I’m in complete control of myself (I can open my eyes whenever, get up whenever I want to, etc.), and I realize that it might be the same situation for a lucid dreamer. Another related question: When in the midst of a lucid dream, can you wake whenever you want to?

  1. Yes. I beleve it’s called NLD

  2. Yes, I think most lucid dreamers can do that

Are you sure you phrased that correctly?

  1. yes.
  2. with a lot of effort and FAs.

it’s also possible to fall into a lucid dream instantly from being awake, and not knowing it, because it mirrors your environment perfectly.

i had that happen once, good thing I had the instinct to RC… which i never do anymore, RCs even though I RC a few times a day.