Am I awake?

Hi, dreamers!
I am a Brazilian dreamer, and have been involved with LDing since i´ve read Castaneda’s books. I´ve found not much difficulties beggining my training. in only a couple of weeks of practice I’ve been able to recall 2 to 4 dreams every night, and yesterday I got to look at my hands and rub them together while i asked if was I dreaming. I´m not much sure, but I think I’ve realized I was awake!!! Indeed I was not! but the sight of my hands was SO sharp and extremely colorful… Never felt that way before, it’s amazing.
so I post this question: Has anyone ever convinced himself he/she was awake, when was actually dreaming??? :tongue:

Yes, this is a very common thing when doing a RC. An interesting question would be if you’ve ever thought you were dreaming when you weren’t.

Wow, That would be great! a major good reason to keep dreaming. Has anyone achieved this “skill”?

Hmm? Lucid Living, LL, is a method of acheiving lucidity that is gaining popularity. Basically you always view life as a dream, do RCs frequently, stop to smell the flowers… oh yeah I read something about blackeyeliner being convinced she was in a dream in yesterday’s post…

and I was stopped from getting lucid by a DC just yesterday. He confused the heck out of me.

I think the idea of lucid living a bit … scary… The idea that i might be awake and think im in a dream is scary… Like once i had a dream i was at school, and a voice told me “No worry, your sleeping”… but i was so mutch convinced that i was in a dream that i ignored the voice and acted like i was at school…
now if i am in reality and start questining if im in a dream will probably affect my behaving and start doing things strangely…
I wold prefer not achieve this LL stuff…

Ampout, I sort of know what you mean. I have doubts about practicing lucid living myself because I’m afraid I’ll lose my already unstable grasp on reality! I’m someone who has a lively imagination as it is… I get paranoid quite easily (although not so much in dreams, unfortunately) and there’s even the fear of going insane. A few years back I actually came rather close to losing it, because I started to doubt everything and everyone. For me, it was pretty frightening. ^^

So on one hand I have all my senses reassuring me that I’m awake and in reality… and then there’s the few but very realistic LDs I’ve had that tell me there’s more to it. I wish I could find the right way to go.

Happens to me all the time. I’m so gullable in my dreams! In fact I once had big red letters floating in the sky saying ‘WAKE UP’ and I didn’t get the point. Sheesh. :tongue: