am i becoming exticnt?

just wondering how many regulars to this site still haven’t actually had a lucid dream. meaning you’ve probably had dreams about LDing, maybe afew prelucid dreams (dreams in which you question whether or not your dreaming, but come to the conclusion that you’re not :tongue: )and false awakenings…but havent really realized that you were dreaming during an actual dream.

it just seems like non-dreamers are slowly dieing out around here… :eh:

I was like on my 200th post when I got my first LD!
Don’t you worry, it will come, if you’re having near LD’s you’re really close!

I think he doesn’t want to lucid dream!

I sure hope they are. :content:


That’s good news if you become extinct, it means LD4all does a pretty good job :content:


this was actually a serious question?

but anyway…

  1. i hope u guys arent taking this post as me pissing about my lack of LD again…i’ll save those for the quest for lucidity forum (only becuz it says that you can post you ‘frustrations’ there).

  2. r3m0t…i have been ‘trying’ to LD for the past 8 months, honestly if i didnt want to do it dont you think i would have just dropped the idea of doing by now :neutral:

  3. yes i agree that this site is yet another attempt to educate ppl as to how to LD

  4. …and so on, and so forth…


I am curious as to what are you doing to help yourself have Lucid Dreams? 8 mo is a ling time to practice with no results. It might be time to try a different technique.


you name it, i’ve tried it…

MILD, WILD, VILD, WBTB, CAT, realiy checks every 15 minutes, reality checks every 2 minutes, visualization, meditation, dream journals, hypnosis, brainwave generators, suggestions, vitamins, i’ve tired sleeping n the floor, taken several breaks from trying to LD, naps, going to sleep early, going to sleep late, i tried a whole bunch of ILD’s you ppl have probably never heard of,…and so on…and so forth.

lately what i have been trying is simply not caring so much if i do or dont have an LD. just thinking, ‘that would be nice’ and going on with my regular schedule.
anyway, i cant give up now…after 8 months, theres no turning back.

What does everyone think of the possibility that some people CAN’T have LD’s? I know conventional wisdom says it’s a skill everyone can learn, but it’s easier for some people than others. Is it possible then that some people have virtually no chance of ever LD’ing?

I think everyone can learn to LD. It does take time and patients for some people but in the end everyone can do it. I think a lot of people think it is really hard and it takes the patients and wisdom of a Tibetan monk to achieve this state. I think believing it is hard makes it hard. It could be that some people are trying too hard. I don’t know if that is true or not . All I know is that there is nothing special about me and if I can do it any one can.

Perhaps some people with specific sleep disorders?
And what about mentally handicapped persons? It’s perhaps not impossible for them, but it will definitely take a lot more time and efforts than most people need.

Yes, I think it is possible. Just like there is a very small percentage of very talented “naturals” who don’t need any technique, there’s probably a small amount of people who can’t do it, for whatever reason that may be. But it will be a very small group, I wouldn’t give up too fast assuming it will never happen.

you ppl are depressing me… :bored:

Why don’t you try ‘giving up’ just for a few days, or a week, then perhaps you’ll get a spontaneous LD.

He has already tried breaks and it has not helped. I guess the best advice I can give you is don’t give up and keep practicing. Anyone can do it and you will to. I don’t know if not caring is the best solution. I think you need confidence that you can do it and firmly believe that you can.

If you can afford the nova dreamer that may help. I have never used it but others have and had some good results. I normally don’t recommend it because of the cost and because you don’t need it to LD. You could try to hook up a timer to a strobe light and see what happens. Set it to go off during times when you are likely to be in REM sleep.