Am i close to big lucid dreams?

Hey everyone :smile:. Three nights ago I became lucid for my first time. I was dreaming and suddenly my mind speaks and sais:“I’m dreaming”. Well, I felt so happy and excited and one second later I woke up.
This night I became lucid again (or i think so) and I didn’t woke up this time. But I was feeling so strange, and I wondered miself if I was really lucid. Well, I woke up in the middle of the night (I was dreaming, it was a false awakening) and this strange feeling made me to try, for the first time, a reality check. I tried to breathe, holding my nose, and it worked! “Amazing, I’m really dreaming” I said, but I wanted to be sure. So I tried to stick my finger into my hand and it didn’t work. Then I looked into my hands and they looked so fat and strangeee.
THIS IS THE STRANGE PART. Now, knowing that I was dreaming, I didn’t get up to experience my lucid world. Instead, I remained in my bed and what it came to my mind was to sleep and become lucid, as if I wasn’t :eh: .
What do you have to say about this? Was I lucid, pre-lucid…? Is this a progress?

I really appreciate and thank any help and advide :smile: :help:
PS:Sorry for my bad english. Greetings from Portugal :tongue:

Looks like a FLD, but you had the “Amazing, i’m dreaming.”

So…try rubbing your hands next time.

EDIT: Of course it’s a progress!