Am I doing it wrong? :(

I followed all of the instructions for WILD. I set my alarm clock 5 hours and 10 minutes after I went to sleep, woke up, and tried to WILD a few times. All were not successful, however, the farthest I got was some blue/green shapes that looked like countries. That’s all I saw, and I was there for a good 30 minutes. What am I doing wrong? This is extremely frustrating. I didn’t see a “dreamling” or anything, how are you supposed to do a WILD?

I relaxed, stopped moving, and focused on the darkness of my eyelids. Nothing, I mean nothing. It’s so frustrating… help…

Hi! As I assume you are relatively new to lucid dreaming, I would just like to say, WILD doesn’t normally work for beginners. I would recommend a different technique. There’s lots of different ones here. Hope this helps!

It seems like you’re doing a few beginners’ mistakes here. :tongue:

First off, have faith in your abilities to learn lucid dreams.
Motivation and confidence are very important qualities for any skill, and if you want to master lucid dreams (which you can), then you need to believe in that and don’t kick yourself just because you didn’t have amazing results from the get-go.
Also, don’t be in a hurry.
You cannot demand lucid dreams right off the bat, you need to allow it to take some time.
Keep in mind that this is something you need to practice, just like everything else.
If you started at a new sport you would not expect to be nearly as skilled as the veterans there, and lucid dreaming is the exactly same thing in that regard.

WILD is a fairly hard technique, especially for beginners, but the trick to success is to allow yourself to fall asleep while still keeping your mind focused on something - like a place that you want to start your lucid dream in, for instance.
And you need to find a balance there, but you can kind of tell when you are doing it right (hard to explain, but you will probably notice it if you keep practicing).

But anyway - it’s very important to take it fairly easy while practicing for lucid dreams; I have always said that stress and frustration are signs that you are doing something wrong - in my opinion lucid dreaming should be all about cheer fun and excitement, and you should never think of “failures”.
Merely staying focused on the subject is a success, and a huge step in the right direction.
If you don’t have a lucid dream tonight - so what?
You still do things right because you are willing to have them and want to work for them.
The only “failure” I can think of would be if you totally gave up and stopped caring about them, but even then you can (and will) regain interest anytime in the future.

Also don’t just strive for “a lucid dream” - specify what it is that you want to do in a lucid dream instead.
Make a list of things that you want to experience, and feel excited over the fact that you have all the potential to actually experience them if you put some effort into lucid dreaming.

Thank you! This helped a lot.

I kind of would like an answer to this also:

I just want a little help from someone who has lots of Lucid Dreams.

So I know the time to do WILDs is either 5 or 6 hours after you fall asleep, and around 2:00PM, afternoon. Can you please tell me how I exactly do this WILD thing? I lay completely still, wait a while, (During the midnight REM period), and all I see is blue or green little shapes, but that is literally as far as I go, ever. How do I get to the HI part?