Am I getting there?

I’m currently concentrating on WILD to induce my lucid dreams because MILD doesn’t seem to work well for me. I attempted it last night and sort of fell between sleep and awakeness, hearing this growling/purring noise as I did. Is this something to do with WILD? Am I getting there?

I suppose it could be. I don’t doubt that to different people, different things happen. I have never had a complete WILD but have tried many times. It seemed difficult to do. I have gotten to the point where I start to fall asleep many times though. For me I start to hear voices. That is the most common thing that happens to most people. But to you, maybe that is just a substitute to the voices. I don’t know.

stay away from WILD until you can deal with that oldhag/superfear

scared the SHIT out of me
aliens and shit
lots a little shoitty aliens

Have a look at this post, it could interest you :
That loud rushing sound again - please help

AstroJazz…i HIGHLY recomend using the hand tech. basilus posted it down here :

[Castaneda's technique : looking at your hands)

Ive had a lucid dream every time ive done this.

WILD is not something for a beginning method. you should start small. and this method [the hand one] is good overall. i think i might use it all the time :razz: