Am I on my way to lucidity ?

I ask that because lately I always have the same sensation in a dream.

In fact, this night I had a dream in which I talked to a friend and I explained to him that I was dreaming and that HE was a DC. I asked him his age, etc… and the answers were exactly rights.
After that ( in the same dream ), we went to his house ( not the same as in reality) and when I climbed the wall, I saw my house (the real one) and I visualized my room and me who was dreaming. Then, I went to my friend’s room and there were several clocks in that place. I did several RCs ( 4 or 5) and the hour was 6:05 PM and it didn’t change.

It’s clear that this dream was a ND because I didn’t realize I was dreaming.

Am I on my way to lucidity ?

It sounds to me like you are very close. If you are doing reality checks, then thats obviously a sign that lucid dreaming is ingrained in your brain. You’ll get it soon. Try and visualize that happening again and tell your subconscious your will know you are dreaming.

Yes, just keep working at it :smile:

Yeah thank you guy !

I am more and more confident and I KNOW it will happen to me soon enough !

Thank you all !!

You seem veryyyyy close. Keep trying!