Am I too old???

I’m 25, and have heard from a couple places that this is a tough age to start trying to have ld’s at will. Any truth to this?


Well, not fully.

The only reason - The only reason ever - which might prevent you from having LDs is close mindness. This can happen at any age, however is less comon with children.

If you open your mind, nothing (Except for work and studies) Will stand between you and Lucid Dreaming at will.

The great thing about LD’s is that anyone of any age can have them. :happy:

Just keep trying and you’ll get one. :content:

I do also think that Lucid Dreaming doesnt have an age limit… Some people just have, like already mentioned a problem with their sceptism. :smile:



We have a fair few members older than that…

Moogle, for example.

The only barrier to LDing is your own mind.

There is no limit how old you can LD, the will exists in all minds, even in old ones :wink:


Does not matter what age, what time, what place. the thing is that usually kids have a much healthier mind…
by the way im also a soldier, i wish you good luck and happy life. (many LDs :wink: )

Thanks relV! Where are u from?

If you read the location it says “right here” :colgate:

Healthier mind :confused: The health of mind depends how you treat yourself, for example; if youre depressed your mind is very ill. The happier you are, the better health :tongue:

one of the only places on earth where you still have to serve the army.
Dont get paid either…

I started practcing when I was 31, so no your not too old. That is a myth. Ive had plenty of LDs sence then so keep practcing.

Thats too bad :sad:

Agreed, LD is trained like you train to walk.

Thank you all for the replies. My quest contiues :wink:

Good, and one last thing. Post your dreams in a DJ, it will help you a lot :wink:

You absolutely aren’t too old. Lucid dreaming can be learned at any age. It may come easier to a child who is more open-minded and and less stressed (while you may be thinking about your job/college/relationship issues, etc), but I believe this is the only difference. :smile:

Also, do this! :razz: Dream Journals are immensely helpful.

NO!! Absolutely not. Stephen LaBerge learned to have lucid dreams at will in his 30’s or 40’s.

Age can make it a little more difficulty because people often have trouble with skeptiscm or lack of confidence that the techniques will work.