am I?

I just found out about lucid dreaming during this week and I just had a couple of questions. I have had dreams before were i will recieve something from someone like food. Then i’ll be like “I know i am going to wake up right now and this isnt going to be here anymore.” Then i would wake up and nothing was in my hand. I was just wondering if those dreams i had before could be considered lucid dreams?
I also was wondering if lucid dreaming is like being awake while being asleep. It sucks dreaming because i dont get to chose my motives or what i want to do, so if i am lucid dreaming its like being awake in a dream right?
I was also wondering if anyone has met other people in the real world in a dream. You know, two lucid dreamers meeting each other in a dream place. :confused:

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to answer your first question. it sounded like the dream you had in the past were lucid ones, sounds like you became lucid toward the end of them because you knew you were going to wake up

next question… lucid dreaming is knowing that you’re dreaming while you’re dreaming. not to be confused with dream control, which is having control of a dream. though the two often travel in pairs, if you read some posts by some frustrated LDers, that’s not always the case. i’d say that dream control is something LDers are trying to develop. and like with any skill, if you’re not a natural, it takes practice. hey even if you are a natural, practice could only make you better

last question… i personally haven’t met anybody else in a dream, but there are people on this forum who have. it’s called shared dreaming. i’d like to do that one day, but i’m too busy brushing up on my flying, walking through walls, and conjuring skills. also some people on this forum have even met their spirit guides in their lucid dreams. there’s some debate over shared dreaming and spirit guides and what not, but i’m not gonna get into that

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Seeing as all your questions have already been answerec, all that’s left to do is say hello.

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