Amazing experience while meditation

I just woke up from this and i am litterally shaking haha. I have not been meditating for very long, on and off for a couple of months. I was simply doing a relaxing mindful meditation, it lasted for around 35 minutes and was pretty insane. i believe that i achieved some sort of high :spinning: .

The meditation consisted of the regular stuff, doing a body scan, relaxing the body. but when the visualization part started, oh my. so the visualization consisted off imagining some sort of relaxing place, which i did. but i quickly got drawn out of that and to the fact that my whole body was tingling, you know the SP kind. And then all of a sudden it felt like i was shot into this wormhole almost spinning in every direction possible, which is what i feel when i get high. spinning 360 in every direction imaginable, this went on for a pretty long time, or so it seemed. suddenly i lost control of my whole body and was awoken by my head hitting the wall behind me and seeing stars. pretty insane but i must have dowsed off. anyway after that i had no feeling in my body, Zero. it was like i was only a brain, floating. after that i was pretty weirded out and just simply sat there trying to feel my body. I havent done wild, and only had sp once so i cant connect this to anything, is this what wild feels like maybe? anyway i will for sure try this again when i wake up tonight :flower:
*oh and i would like to add that i was very dizzy during this whole thing, but i always am when i meditate or focus on my breath really, and also i got twitches, the kind you get just before u fall asleep

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WILD has only felt like this a handful of times for me, and that has been when I have been extremely sleepy after a longer insomnia period. I don’t enjoy it. Only once did I complete this sequence and leave my body. I felt weird and heavy afterwards.

Were you unusually tired?

I dont think i were any unusually tired but just extremely relaxed, you see i have experienced this when i have had to lay down for an hour or so (lash lift or similar) or simply being high, so i do think that it is some type of hypnogonia