Amazing Normal Dreams

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Have you ever had an amazing normal dream? Or not the dream itself, specifically, its just that after some dreams I get an amazing feeling, as if I just finished watching a REALLY good movie, and the last words of the dream reverberate in a really important tone, making it seem epic. For instance, a dream I had last night was really cool. It was long and somewhat vivid and the last words, “The someones were redeemed by the spirit within themselves” or something like that were the last words and seemed very important. Has this ever happended to you?

My ND’s are some of the most interesting things I’ve ever seen. I think they get overlooked some as we go about scribbling them down in our dream journals looking for missed dream signs. It’s well worth it to go back and say “wow, that was cool” instead of “darn, I didn’t go lucid.”

For instance, I had a dream that Austin Powers was in BioShock trying to save the world from Pee-Wee Herman. I mean, how awesome is that? Beyond that, however, there have been countless more that were more gripping and more realistic than any movie could hope to be. Definitely worth paying more attention to.

:yes: I’ve had so many dreams like this. There are too many to name, but I find that when these dreams happen I feel… enlightened.

Recently I had two dreams; One that was very good and then after chaining it, one that was a nightmare. I don’t want to go into specifics (that would take time I just don’t have right now :tongue: ) but when I woke up I felt like my SC was trying to telling me something. I anaylzed the dreams later that day and saw how both were just two aspects of my personality and how I perceive my world to be. Very helpful in understanding myself.

One of the reasons I want to have LDs is to have more epic dreams that I sometimes have. One time I had to kill a giant flying whale that was threatening my city just with a little knife, when I woke up I felt like some kind of super hero. Other times I dream I’m in a medieval setting where I have to fight tons of enemies while my surroundings are burning or falling down. Damn I’m eager to LD X_X

Everyone’s dreams can be pretty amazing every now and then, I can’t quite believe at what I wrote sometimes in my DJ when I read some dreams back :eek:
Besides, if any of you want more epic/adventurous dreams, then fasten your seatbelts :wink: and sleep with your head resting on the left side, it does help a lot with that.

Oh, yeah, I know the feeling! I remember a dream from way back before I LD’ed that made me feel great the rest of the day. I’ve had dreams where I feel like I spent the whole night laughing. It feels great waking up after that. :grin: There are also some dreams where I feel like I’ll write a book out of it because it’s so brilliant (makes no sense at all after I wake up, of course :lol:). Also dreams where I see or hear breathtakingly beautiful scenery or music. omg I heard a song once that I can’t even describe how it felt to witness it! :eek:

I remember having some very vivid dreams like I was watching some pretty scenes just like in The Lord of the Rings, only I was suddenly flying over the mountains and seeing really clearly at a distance, which would be impossible in real life.

Some ND can be pretty cool and funny, two days ago I dreamed that Robert Downey Junior was falling for me, I don’t need to have a LD for this, it’s still awesome in a ND haha ^^

I’ve been reading over these posts, and I think you misunderstand what I’m talking about. You think I’m, talking about how the dreams a really epic, which they were, but what I’m talking about is the feeling you get after the dream. Puffycloud knows what I’m talking about. Mattias as well.

I’ve had a few dreams like that - they are the ones I’m always compelled to write down, the ones I can’t stop thinking about for days, the ones I always want to have again, but never manage to. Sometimes such dreams can be even better than LDs, because at that moment they are very real to you. Once I remember waking up and crying after realising that it had just been a dream, and that the DCs I met were just a figment of my imagination.

I´ve had a couple of those dreams, when you wake up you´re not tired at all, you just feel empty, but in a good way :smile:

Hey that’s nice! Do you mean that my left cheek should be resting on the pillow or what? And do you know why does this help?

Yeah, it means you’re sleeping with your left cheek on the pillow. The only explanation I have found so far has to do with energy channels in the body. You can google “dream yoga right side” for some. The right side is reccomended for being lucid, and I’ve found dreams on the left side are more adventorous, pointless, sometimes with a nightmarish feeling.
Also, sides are switched for women.

Due to a childhood fear of monsters getting me I slept on my left cheek, and it’s become a habit…

Though now that I think about it when I sleep on my right cheek I do get really close LD’s… :hmmm:

I love these dreams it gives spice to my day. Allmost like a mini NDE.

Interesting! Thank you :smile:

Hey the right side thing is cool. I normally sleep on my left side, but i slept on my right side and got more vivid dreams. Still woke up on the left side though :sad:

I dont know about all this right and left side stuff but I’ve had some pretty epic dreams…Like where im battling tons of people and am goin on an adventure all the time…I have fun with those

have you even read the topic? Im talking about the feeling after the dreams, of being enlightened and stuff, and you write about battling people. Bah! But still, those are quite epic :smile: Normally i have that feeling after these type of dreams though.

Funny, last night I had LD, and in the morning I found myself lying on my right side. :smile: However, the LD was poor-quality. To sum up, if I want LD, I should lay on my right side. But if I want good-quality LD, I should lay on my left side, but the the chances of having LD isn’t so high then… :hmmm:

Last night I had another LD, and in the morning I found myself lying on my right side. :smile: