Wow, I thought of something last night. Thought that ahh, don’t need an alarm clock for WBTB, I usually wake up after 4-5 hours anyway…

So I woke up 4-5 hours later, and I was like ahh, I bet it’s all bullshit that you have to stay awake… And tried to MILD without getting out of bed or even opening my eyes. Then I kind of understood, it was haaaaaard to think of one thought, it was like my mind was telling me what to think, but I was like fighting with my brain struggling to think MILD…

So after laying still in like 10-20 minutes… I was like ahh my god, just fall a sleep and DILD stupid body. But everything was weird, it was not like other nights, when my mind would just be really empty and dark, I started seeing images and there was a time when I actually felt I was in my bed, but I also felt my body somewhere else, I didnt move, my eyes did it for me, cause if I moved I would move my real body. I never thought that this is WILD unintentionally. Suddenly I felt like I got stoned or something, it was goooood, then it felt like my ‘spirit’ left my real body and was in process to filling the dream body. I was there, but everything was unclear, and I still felt goooood like I was high or something, but it was a straange feeling. Then I felt like the spirit was going out again before it was fully in my body, realising this is a feeling of going back to real life. So I started rubbing my hands and spinning, but my power wasn’t strong enough, I started floating and my handrubbing slow motioned… it was odddd!!! but much cooler then DILD’ing… Then I woke up, trying in a whole hour to WILD intentionally that time. But it was like I was on the edge all the time, but just couldn’t see any images like last time.

How cool is that?? WILD unintentionally, but I didn’t manage to do it all the way through though, and I everytime I started feeling good again, I started focusing, and I think that triggered the not gonna fall a sleep again thing.

Hey, that is pretty cool. So you said you felt like your spirit was going out of your body? Cool.

I’m too tired to tell if that’s an OBE or something else…but it’s definitely interesting. You should try to get it again.