American news anchor has confirmed pre-cog dream!±+TV+networks+move+quickly+on+Saddam+news&expire=&urlID=8532095&fb=Y&

I wonder what the CIA director thought when he knew the dream was a real pre-cog? :cool:

confirmed pre-cog dream?
The link barely mentioned it and it could just be chance, or some guy having him on.

Could be chance, but he did mention to the CIA director his dream before the info on Saddam was released. Not a bad coincidence, since the manhunt has gone on for so long :smile:

well what a coinidink.

Even if i dreamt tonight that i would have sex with 20 girls and tomorrow i did, it wouldnt PROVE it was a pre cog dream

Very interesting Monitor199a! :smile: However, the world is filled with skeptics and I agree that it doesn’t “prove” it.

No doubt though by definition it was a Pre-cog. :grin: