Americans are free??

First what is wrong with communism? I talked to a guy on the train here a few days ago. He said that they learned communism was wrong but never really knew what it was. When he asked what it was he wondered what is so bad about it? It’s impossible to realize and there are always people who have a hunger for power, but theoratically what is so bad about it?

Second, I just don’t agree with it. If you’re making more money you get more money as well. Yes it’s true that if you don’t have a job you get money from the government. But it’s not as much as most of the people who do work get. Of course there are some people who make about the same amount, but that’s besides the point. It does encourage you to make more money, because then you can do more what you want. They make take half of it, but they do that with everyone, so if you make more you still have more left.

Besides I know you can get money from the government for certain things in the United States as well. Example Child Care, but sometimes it’s better to earn less because then you get more money. If you get a raise you may think yay, but it could be that you lose your financial help and won’t be able to pay for the child care anymore. Did you know that child care in the United States it the biggest predictor for bankruptcy?

Another thing I learned is that a lot of Americans are “obsessed” with taxes. I live in a country where half of it is taken by the government, but we get a lot more for it in return. If you need health care here you need to pay an incredible amount. Not to mention school, even noticed how expensive it is here in compared to other countries. A lot of people leave college with debt and still have it 10 years later. Yet they do need college, because if you only have high school you make a lot less and you still can’t get ahead in American society.

I think you are misinformed because in most countries university is not free. It’s a lot cheaper than in the United States though, but it’s not free. And yes in the Netherlands you get aid from the government but they assume your parents and you pay a part of it as well.
Health care is not free in the Netherlands either. You need to be insured and you can get financial aid for it, but it’s not free. It’s a lot less expensive than it is in the United States though.

I made a comment on there that I think is appropriate to post in here…

This is ridiculous, yet another piece of evidence that the government are just a bunch of idiots.

I may not be American (I’m English) but I still think this is stupid. We have a guy called David Cameron here, who started a campaign called “Hug a hoody” meaning the people who go around outside, attacking and sometimes killing people for a laugh, the people who steal cars and then burn them, the people who if you so much as said the words “Shut up” would stab you. And he says to hug these scum?

No @!$%#ing way.

The same goes for this idea of baggy pants in the USA. What’s he trying to do? A strict dress code? How will it be enforced even if it does pass? You can’t have a policeman monitoring every single person just to see if their underwear is showing. He’s trying to take people’s freedom, piece by piece. The same thing is happening here. I say @!$%# the government.

We are all human beings, and human beings are supposed to be free. They are taking our freedom, little by little, day by day.

Thats the problem, it only works in theory. It once worked in a controlled experiment in a small village once, but still… it was just a small community for only a few months. On a much larger scale it might not work as well.

In Germany, University is actually free. I guess that is the exception, however. Yeah, the U.S. is defintly by far, the worst 1st world country there is.

Theoretically communism is wonderful. If it worked in reality, I would be a massive supporter of it. But it doesn’t work. In fact, it is awful when made into reality. Some dictator always manages to seize power and be a real bastard. By pointing out the reality of communism, the intent is to help prevent it from spreading again as it did around when the Soviets were active. By pretending that communism is a good thing, we only fill communist sails. Theoretically, some self-serving bastard could attempt to change history, and pretend that communism would have worked, if not for the Americans, or something like that. This is sort of like how certain people deny the Holocaust. All the evidence is there, extensive evidence of it, yet they ignore it, and plunge ahead. What if we were to forget how much of a horrible thing that the Holocaust was, and pretend it was a good thing? What if we humored these awful people who deny it? History must always be remembered, and learned from, as the old adage says, it repeats itself. I am comparing communism with the Holocaust, mainly because of the loss of life that occurred as a result of communism. I think Mao let 25,000,000 starve to death. I forget how many died under Stalin, but it was definitely in the millions.

I was exaggerating for effect. I was being a bit of a drama queen, forgive me, hahaha. There is still some motivation for working hard in a socialist society. Just less than a capitalistically inclined society. And anyways, what happens as a result of the high taxes here, is a lot of talented people here in Canada, the upper-echelon of income earners, have since moved to America, seeking that extra money that they would have made, in a non-high taxing land. I believe they call that the “brain drain” effect, or something similar to that. We’ve lost a lot of doctors, and higher ups to them. But anyways, maybe it’s a matter of preference. I would prefer not paying the high taxes that are current in Canada, and instead just paying for the insurance. Basically, being in a privatized world, you are guaranteed good service, and have little to no waiting. Matter of preference, I suppose.

I am probably going to move down to the States in about 20 years anyways, for um, “political” reasons.

No, I didn’t know that. There’s lots I don’t know :wink:

How expensive is it there? Up here it’s about $3000 for a semester, with books, without food or housing. I live at home, so I am fortunate. The American dollar is currently at-par with the Canadian dollar, so yay, it is a simple conversion.

I was thinking of like Finland, Sweden, Germany. They all have free university. But I forgot that all of Europe doesn’t have free university, haha, I blame those damned informers. They’re always wrong. hahaha

If I wasn’t in university full time, I would have to pay for my medication. So yes, I suppose nothing is really free per se, even here in Canada. Just how expensive is really the question. But in one form or another, you’ll pay for it.

I guess I’m nitpicking a bit, but wasn’t the holocaust against Jews, Poles, Gypsies, and Homosexuals in particular? I mean, the regimes that called themselves communist went for a broader target: those who would question the goverment. Of course, that is nitpicking. What you said about communism is true, thats why it dosen’t work.

And is this going to move to another topic yet?

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Maybie this will just turn out to be one of those stupid laws you here about, that never get inforced like the law that says. A 300 pound women cant ride a horse naked thru the town, or you the one that says… Nobody can put a ice cream cone in there pockets on a Sunday. Or something like that. How do people come up with these laws?

Hold everything. You have got to read some of the laws in Texas. This state has got to have a sence of humor for writing these laws.

I’m not completely sure about it, since it’s a bit different for me. I do know that in the USA it really depends on which university you go to. More expensive ones do give you more networks and that’s the most important reason to go there. $15.000 (so 5 times as much as what you said) for a year - two semesters - is quite normal, maybe even cheap. There are universities where you pay 50.000 dollars for one year. It’s incredible.

Is that link serious Kava :wow:
I tend not to believe it because it’s really weird.

What is happening in America right now is very good and very important.

The illusion of nation, the entrapment in Plato’s cave, that Americans have had for many years. That humans have had for thousands, is coming to an end.

The internet is uniting all people into a collective One-Mind with the third eye center so that all illusion is shattered through.

No longer will we think of ourselves as rigid nations in black and white with border lines.

What is happening is that Americans have been taught, errantly, that they are free. This is and has always been untrue, for true freedom implies one can do whatever one wishes with no restrictions.

Many arguments for control emerge, yet it is so that the human being is of divine origin and if allowed to SHINE, that which the human wishes to do will never be harmful to any other human or to the planet.

For the humans highest aspiration is divinity, love, light, consciousness, presence, truth, and joy.

It is only when the human’s conscience is taken away by rules and regulations can acts of atrocity appear just, and the bystander effect makes us placid.

This is gone. This is shattered.

Bush has messed up so much, bless his Soul, that a critical mass of reform is impending. People are so thoroughly disgusted with the two party system that a critical mass is impending. People see through the illusion so well and all the pieces are in play for America’s fall.

Now by fall, I do not mean, in particular, anything to do with human lives ending, or wars, or anything. It is the falling of a veil… the lifting of a smoke-screen.

With this awareness will we ascend Plato’s cave to understand what True justice is.

For, things like these, really, truly obscenely absurd things like this, only highlight to the aware and awake Human Soul that something is very amiss in this world.

Consider that you take a plastic bag and put grass clippings in it. You are free to do this. Consider that you take a plastic bag and put marijuana clippings in it. For this you are, no longer, a criminal.

For this you are now, a free man, free with his own agency.

There are now laws. There is only the human soul’s imperative. The veil has shattered and been pierced through by enough people, especially the younger generation and middle-adults, that with the collective consciousness of the internet radical change is now happening before our eyes.

Has already happened in the future. And

here we have the fall of tyranny and the restore of what true freedom actually is.

That which is wrong needs no outside opinion or inference, it is understood as such innately by the human soul.

The human soul has always known this. Laws and rules and regulations are often cumbersome. These are now obsolete and will, to large degrees, be de-emphasized.

Believe it and its True.
It’s easy if you try.

Your place is a place of grace and peace, do not fret over the state of America. If you believe America is a tyranny, or one step away from a police state, you are harming yourself for holding paranoia.