Americans are free??

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Here it goes, next shorts will probley be baned. People need to put there foot down, and not let the goverment get away with this crap, or we will be under marshal law before you know it. I saw a artical in my local paper, where there banning baggy paints in Duncon Oklahoma, and it pissed me off. I couldnt beleave my eyes. Is this for real?

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God this is more stupid than banning the N word… I mean at least that word had some punch to it, but baggy pants?! America is slowly becoming declining into facism. Our leaders are too secretive yet also too involved in our personal lives. I mean its just like a George Orewell story… We give ourselves a set of laws to govern ourselves by and slowly our leaders alter them to give themselves an advantage while telling us its for the better while its completely screwing us over.

This really got my blood boiling. This is beyond rediculous. If there going to do this. Why not take it a step further, and outlaw swimsuits, and shorts, tanktops, where does it stop. No more laws. Its getting stupid.

Animal Farm, a classic. Yeah that’s exactly whats happening, Perfect example: The Patriot Act. Saying it’s protecting you, meanwhile looking threw your male, listening to your phone calls…

I wouldn’t go as far to say USA is slowly becoming a facist country though, that’s not entirely true.

Calm down… You’re overreacting in my opinion. First, if I read the article it states that it is a proposal. I citate “But Seagraves said any legislation that creates a dress code would not survive a court challenge.” & “The purpose of the paper is to generate some conversation to see if we can find a solution,”

I think that’s a bit of a wrong reasoning… Do you walk around in your swimsuit in the middle of a city? At the beach, at the pool, some place like that probably, but do you wear it in a city?

I think it’s a bit weird though, but seriously. Don’t judge “America” as that bad for this. I’m sure there are other countries who have laws you may see as “crazy” too. There are probably some countries where you can’t indeed wear beggy pants because you can see your underwear. Or maybe it’s not an official law, but just an unwritten rule. Remember that you can get a fine for eating chewing gum in Singapore? Just an example, there are many more examples out there.

You’re totally right. We became a fascist country years ago. :grin:

Banning baggy pants…excuse me for the conservative lingo here, but can anyone say “nanny government”? Oh no, it’s a lump of flesh covered by a thin piece of cloth! I’m so offended! It’s just an ass, get over it.

You know what else came out of black youth culture? Crack, and that is regulated in a non-discriminatory manner just fine. I’m getting really sick of every time a law is passed that has any correlation to black people, all sorts of activists screaming bloody racism. There are plenty of instances of racial profiling and racism in the US, but laws prohibiting baggy pants is not one of them.

If the goverment feels the need to interfere in our personal lives, why not just do something good instead? Like give us free quality health insurance. All the “cool” first world countries are doing it (Canada, England, France, Germany), and have a much better living standard for it.

That’s true, i live in canada.
Free healthcare W00T!!

Kava, you’re overreacting. You know there was a place in Mexico that banned people from being nude - even when they were in there own house? This is just another case of craziness, like Sandra said.

And when it comes to fears of ultra-right wing people getting into power, aka fascists, look inwards Europe. It is on the rise, everywhere in Europe.

Universal health care is great - except for the fact that you get taxed the hell to pieces as a result. You get inferior service than that of the US, and the waiting lines for surgeries are pages long. Having privatization as well as universal health care would probably work for here, as it works for Europe.

I could really care less. I think that showing underwear is bad for little children to see, but hey what are we going to do about it? Kids do the wrong things everyday. And baggy pants aren’t that bad, the government there is over reacting.

The taxes actually help out a lot of poorer people who couldn’t get health care otherwise. And the privatization sucks; if you’ve seen the movie “SiCKO”, you can get denied for all kinds of things, from autism to ADD (and more down the alphabet). They denied a kid two hearing aides because it was “experiamental”. That is not experiamental, of course, that is normal practice.

Ok, how is facism on the rise everywhere in Europe? I see more socialism, which is way left (fortunatley, not communism.)

I was talking about a dual health care system like they have in Europe. Privatized and universal, the universal being for those who couldn’t afford to pay.

I wouldn’t cite Michael Moore movies as evidence. He deliberately manipulates people so as to make his arguments more attractive and effective. In terms of bias he is about as far as you can go. For instance, in Fahrenheit 9/11, he used a clip from a dinner where President Bush was supposed to act stupidly, and used it as evidence as to how stupid Bush is. I don’t like Bush, as I think he’s fighting the War on Terrorism completely wrong, but I still respect him as a fellow human being who is trying to help as many people as he can, even if he doesn’t exactly succeed at that. I do understand that there are flaws with a privatized model, however, I just think there are less than the universal health care style. Like I said, you get better quality service, and can quickly get through to surgeries if it is needed.

And you are right, socialism is still the main choice for leftists everywhere, especially Europe. However, there is a definite extreme swing right on the continent. Vlaams Belang, which is based in Belgium, was the third most voted for party. Now, Vlaams Belang is very far-right. Their policies involve antisemitism, deporting immigrants, and banning abortions. Then there is the BNP in Britain. They are led by a fellow antisemitic person, Nick Griffin. Their policies also involves booting immigrants, compulsory army service, and re-criminalizing homosexuality. They are on the rise. Then there is La Penn in the National Front of France, who got 22% two presidential elections ago, and around 13% in the last one. His stances are similar to the previous two parties.

And socialism in Europe is just an extension of communism. It doesn’t encourage self-motivation to succeed. What difference does it make if you make $60,000 dollars per year? The government takes more than half that. You still would get to go to university - university is free! So is health care, as well as cushy benefits for when you die. Personally, I don’t see the encouragement to really try to be the best that I could be. That is why capitalism works - everyone has one thing in common; a desire to succeed. Of course, there would still be some desire to succeed, as socialism still isn’t exactly communism, thankfully. But personally, I would rather live in a capitalist society. Both have their ups and downs, but I feel capitalism has less downs than a socialist one.

Ever hear of a socialist free market? I was talking more about making health care public, as other things are.

You give Bush far too much credit. He went to Iraq for oil, and we are staying there for oil. The reasons given are bullshit, because you can’t change the reason you invaded a country because it is actually not true. He recently vetoed the Schip, which would have given free health care to poor children. How can you possibly justify something that morally wrong? With socialism, at least you have some motivation to move forward, because you will still earn more money. Who cares if the goverment takes half of it in taxes, to make sure there are no homeless, and dear old grandma doesn’t die from a treatable diesease because she had no health care?

I’m sorry for turning this into another Dems/Reps debate.

/me reads article

Now. That is ridiculous. :lol:

Actually no. What is it?

There were trucks bound for Syria before the war. There were weapons of mass destruction, they’re just buried in a Syrian desert. Regardless, I already told you I didn’t agree with the Iraq war. I felt they should just have taken out Saddam and booked it out of there. What do you want from me?

Personally, I don’t agree that the war in Iraq is for oil. It doesn’t make sense. More oil is brought in from Canada than from the Middle East. The Iraq war, in my opinion currently is about the people there. They are unable to be helped though, because as soon as the Americans leave, a dictator would arise from the system the Americans created for them. Just like the rest of the Middle East has dictators. And these dictators care much less for the civilians of Iraq than the Americans do.

When did I try to justify it? There are certain aspects of socialism that do work. Just not many, in my opinion. The poorest of the poor should get health care.

I think when you get older you will care. When you work your ass off all week, 46 weeks of the year, and the government takes half of it, and the guy down the street, who lives off of the dole, gets the same health benefits as you? I think it’s pretty easy to imagine how you would feel. I would feel pretty pissed off, to be perfectly honest.

And lets be honest. Will there be no homeless in a socialist society? Of course there will be. There will always be homeless. There will always be those that don’t care enough to get jobs. There will always be people down on their luck.

And your grandma may live if there were universal health care. But then again, she might not. The waiting lists in the Universal health care system are notoriously long. If she needed surgery or something, she may not live long enough to get it.

Actually, there are no homeless in Germany. (unless my sources are wrong)
What is wrong with everyone getting the same, good healthcare? Our private healthcare payrate is based around denials of health care claims. You actually have to deny ten percent of everyone that applies for medical insurance to stay employed. I’d be appreciative of a health care system that takes care of everyone, especially those who cannot afford it. Instead of helping each other out, It seems to be all about survival of the fittest.

A socialist free market would be a socialist society, but private businesses selling things other than certain essentials (food not included) would still be able to sell and trade.

In england, people can actually go in for free, get surgery quickly if they need it, then go out. In fact, you can actually get paid if you were using some sort of paid transit. The doctors are still rich, but they aren’t as well paid as those in america.

I’m sorry for letting this get off topic. If we are going to argue any more, we should probably do it in the american politics topic.

Your sources are wrong. There is no possible way. Some people are homeless to protest the system, the corporate clusterfu*k, they want no part of it, so they sleep on the streets. I’m sure that goes on in most western countries. Not to mention the fact that if you google anything containing the words german and homeless, a bunch of article about homeless people in germany come up. If germany had no homeless, we would be hearing about it more than we hear of canada’s healthcare system.

Here’s a little article about how Big Brother might just be watching us more than you think. … R200710080 1434.html?nav=hcmodule
Interestingly almost a year earlier this picture was taken and posted on Coast to Coast AM with out explanation. … heme=light
(Though it looks like a dragon fly to me.)

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Shatterspike where did you hear there were no homeless people in Germany? That is actually more ridiculous than Mahmoud Ahmadinejad saying there are no homosexuals in his country.