Amother crazy idea, Ampout style

Do you think we can create multyple personalities in a LD :grin: . I mean, i dont see any beneficts in having diferent personalities. But imagine the possabylities of having another identity (maybe im being stupid saying this since im just 15 yers old :tongue: , and knowing nothing about psychologie).
But what do you think about this…

( please dont use those WierdInMyPointOfView words :shy:

i think its very good to use LD’s to change ---- or… improve… your personality,

what i mean to say is… to learn more about yourself,. and what type of person you want to be, is one of the best things from LD’s


I think it’s extremely difficult to create 100% perfect multiple personalities in a LD. For a start, the two persons mustn’t be aware of each others existence (as is the case in real multiple personalities). They must act really as two different people, in almost every aspect, with two different characters and different physiological reactions to certain agents (allergies,…). How can you split your dream mind into two different personalities who are unaware of each other, while at the same time your single mind shapes the dream itself? Seems like a difficult task to me :smile:
Perhaps only someone who has a multiple personality in real life can achieve this in his dreams… :eh:

In a ND me and a girl where sharing the same body. But we where aware of each other and we could talk. Felt a little strange :crazy: but it was fun.

It’s an interesting idea. What if multiple personalities become aware of each other?

Interesting question Tech… i would like to know to… maybe this personalities would “erase”?

Maybe LD therapy will be invented now :tongue: