an annoying problem I have with dreams.

when I’m awake and doing nothing, I tend to daydream and my sight goes out of focus. this has carryed into my dreams so my hands, clocks or people are too blurred to do a RC. I also, don’t usually see any part of my body. does anyone else have this problem?

I also unfocus my eyes to daydream and to visualize as well. I believe that we dream with relaxed, unfocused eyes. Could it be that your blurred dream vision actually comes from trying to focus your eyes in dreaming?


Couldn’t this be used to your advantage?

You lucid daydream? Daydreaming is just your mind wandering off, it’s not really a dream.

if what your saying is true, i would use sound. listen to a certain song and think about LD’s. Then in your dream you’ll hear it and hopefully get MILD.