An Astral Projection Almost

So I’m new to this lucid dreaming and OBE stuff, but I’ve been keeping a dream journal for some days now and decided tonight to try to make something happen. I laid in bed and prepared myself mentally. I put some soft guitar on (Andy Mckee) and practiced some breathing meditation. After about ten minutes, an intense warm wave of content spread throughout my body. My mind started seeing colored dots that would warp out to the top left of my ‘visible field’ and I felt a strong pull on what would best be described as my inner being. This feeling was so new to me that immediately my body jolted me back to consciousness as a natural reaction to the foreign experience.

If anyone has any tips on getting past that fear and letting whatever was happening happen, I’d love to hear it.

Thanks for reading!

The jolt is your spiritual body trying to jump out of your physical body. You are nearly there!!

those things happen quite naturally, and quite frequently.

If you keep practicing, they’ll become a lot less intense very fast, you might stop noticing them in a few days/weeks.

Just go on exploring. The first time is very intense.